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What can I make with the stalks from Swiss Chard?

Asked by occ (4083points) December 21st, 2009

Last night I made swiss chard enchiladas, so I had to separate the leaves from the stalks and use the leaves for the enchilada filling. I didn’t want to throw out the rainbow stalks so I have a whole bag full of them in my fridge now…wondering if there is anything I can make that will taste good, besides using them for veggie stock?

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I saute them, with onions, spinach, or whatever.

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to flavor soup or sauce?

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Red, yellow, and orange stalks?

You could have used them in the enchilada you just needed to steam them longer and add the leaves later. As far as what you can do with them now you can saute them with olive oil and garlic and any other spices you like.

Or after blanching you could chopped them up and add to a garden salad for color and texture. They are full of vitamins so I would not throw them away.

I would not suggest a soup as they bleed heavily and it would be a horrible looking color unless you just have the yellow stalks.

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I am hungry!

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Ooh, yum, the pickles idea sounds great – thanks for the link! Also, on the blog that explains how to pickle the swiss chard stems, there’s also an idea for sauteeing with sesame oil, vinegar, honey, hot pepper flakes, and cashews – sounds delicious!

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use discards for a science project.

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Use them for cole slaw.

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