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Recommended "handwritten" fonts?

Asked by jaytkay (25787points) December 21st, 2009

Hello all,

I am printing mailing labels and envelopes, and would like them to look handwritten. Do you have any favorites fonts for a job like this?

I prefer a font included with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 (Windows) or 2008 (Mac OS). But all suggestions are welcome.


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I believe Barbara Hand is included on most operating systems, and that is the one basic handwriting typefaces I can think of. But there are many more if you want it to look a little more handwritten than that basic typeface. I recommend Font Garden for some lovely fonts based on handwriting.

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I have Word 2007, just so you know…
for a cursive-y hand, I like “Freestyle Script” or “Segoe Script”
for print maybe “Segoe Print” or “Tempus Sans ITC”?

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For mailing labels, I would put ease of readability above all else.

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Lucida Sans Calligraphy or Curlz are nice.

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If you mean “hand written” rather than “handwriting” – then I suggest Comic Sans. Very easy on the eyes.

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@cam6662 No offense, but in my opinion Comic Sans should never be used for anything except comics. It’s so terribly over-used and it’s just so… blech.

That’s just me being a design student though.

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these are ones that i like:

Milk & Cereal, Tekton Pro, Heather, Albermarle, Penstyle, Segoe Script, Shelter Me, PR8 Charade, CAC Shishoni Brush, Angilina Regular

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