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Can you recommend an open source statistical analysis program?

Asked by nikipedia (27921points) December 21st, 2009

It is 1:00pm and I still have not gone to work today. So I think I would rather not bother. All I need to do is run some statistics, so if I had a free stats program on my computer at home I wouldn’t need to go in at all.

Wikipedia gives me a long list of possibilities. Can you recommend any one in particular?

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R is sort of the standard, academically. But I don’t think it’s at all user friendly (no GUI). PSPP, if it is as claimed a replacement for SPSS should be much easier to use (GUI). I’ve never used any of these personally, but for anyone who has more in depth experience with them, it’s going to help to know a little more detail about what you want to do.

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There are a lot of iterations of SPSS available on torrent sites. Just sayin’.

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I recommend R.. It ain’t easy, but it’s not THAT hard.. Don’t know why everyone tries to scare of the new users for it.. If you’ve ever done some matlab it’s not harder than that.. Also it’s alot of functionality for the cost (which is zip)..

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The wikipedia list says there’s a GUI for R. I’ve never used it, but on my campus I’ve heard of a lot of people who do use it. Some of it for rather specialized procedures. Well, this answer is probably too late, anyway. Sounds like you need something quick and dirty.

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@Snarp: Good point… I just want to run some ANOVAs, t-tests, and r correlations. Maybe some post hoc corrections too.

@pdworkin: My university blocks torrents. I think some of the CS students have found ways around it but it hasn’t been worth the trouble for me. Good thought though.

@daloon: Not too late. I thought I’d start with PSPP but I couldn’t even figure out how to download it. So I went for a run instead. Maybe I’ll try R now…

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Your University doesn’t have a way for you to run SPSS from home on a VM? I have home access to every licensed piece of software no matter how arcane from my school, and I’m an undergrad. Ask someone in IT. You probably just have to install a VPN to connect the VM to.

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I’d go for R unless you can use whatever you’d use if you went to work, remote.

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Try IBM SPSS Verison 23, it is now available in cloud here: Check it out!

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