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Why won't my MacBook register its own camera?

Asked by Pseudonym (2542points) December 21st, 2009

I love working with iMovie and Photo Booth on my MacBook, but out of the blue it just forget that it had a camera. When I click the icon to record on iMovie, it says “no camera attached” and I get a picture implying the same thing on Photo Booth.

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I had a similar problem that was corrected when I reset the PRAM. Another alternative (after that one) is to restart in safe mode, and then restart the computer. But, I think the PRAM reset should work. If you search the web, you’ll see you are not alone, and that a PRAM reset should do the trick.

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Is it seen in System Profiler?

It should look like this

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@shilolo I’ll try restarting it.

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