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When did Fluther become so popular?

Asked by Pseudonym (2547points) December 21st, 2009

I was observing the site about a year, maybe six months ago, and it was getting probably an average of about ten questions a day. I recently came back and made myself an account. What happened?

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It’s been slow and steady with both big and small events driving traffic up: (click “all” for the time)

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A few other QA sites either shut down (e.g. airow) or changed drastically (e.g. answerbag) and people fled here.

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There have been three or four migrations of people from other Q and A sites. Fluther has also been mentioned in various tech articles. Not to mention the iPhone app which, I believe, is what started the first big wave.

Edit: I think it’s also because some users like to use up their three questions per 12 hour maximum each 12 hours whereas other users ask only one question over a period of weeks.

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Well about a week or so ago, AnswerBag made some HUGE changes so everybody left it and some came here. I hear that we got about 30 people through that.
Plus, Fluther is quite simply what other QnA sites aren’t. I’ve tried 4 others and Fluther is by far the best one.

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The Douche Bags at Answerbag decided to redo the entire website then developed an attitude; if you don’t like it leave therefore several people including myself came over to this website.

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Ten questions a day? I think you were likely on another site. I’ve been here two years and there have always been many more questions than that here.

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I have been informed that the site officially became popular on April 23rd, 2008.

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At last count, 263 people migrated here from Answerbag over the past few weeks, starting on December 11th. Half of them moved on, half of them liked fluther enough to remain.

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In the beginning, there was the word, and the word was Fluther….Late 2006.

There was another huge rise in popularity when Milocalled.

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I read the Fluther Commandments, and saw that it was good.

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Ever since I joined. >_>

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After I started participating, obviously.

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No idea at all, but I am surely glad to have stumbled onto this wonderful place (=

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@AstroChuck I’m exaggerating a bit, but not by much, I don’t feel that there were many more than say fifteen, I don’t know if I ever saw more than twenty.

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@Pseudonym, you have been away, I guess. I came over from Answerbag about a week and a half ago. We’re rackin’ up the lurve now, man. (And I hear some don’t like that. Fuck ‘em if they don’t like bein’ lurved.)

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I’ll lurve ya, but I won’t furck ya :D:D:D

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love = lurve, fuck = furck :)

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Love = Lurve
Thus, o = ur
So, Furck must mean Fock.

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@phillis, I just combined it all; it’s how I roll, babe

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It’s okay. I lurve you inspite of that.

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@gailcalled really? I thought that the bird was the word?

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^^Please clarify. I haven’t a clue.

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Emphasis on bad, I guess. Thanks for sharing, however. Where do people find the time and energy to first upload and then watch and listen?

The only YouTube that catches my interest stars Snowball, the dancing cockatoo, who is partial to the Backstreet Boys.

Watch Snowball take his curtain call during the last 30 seconds.

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@gailcalled – Do you have any idea why Youtube chops up documentaries into small increments of time? I can never watch a complete documentary there.

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@phillis: I am the wrong person to ask about any techie issues. Check with johnpowell and the rest of the techno-smarties.

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@gailcalledmight be a nice ice breaker. I’ll see how I feel about that later on. He seems to be pretty knowdegeable about these kinds of things.

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There is slow but steady growth in overall usage (not counting number of questions per time as such). See

and set it to “Trailing 6 months”.

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December 11, 2009

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@mattbrowne I’ve been tracking Answerbag’s decline through Alexa as well. It never occured to me to check fluther.

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I showed up and this place flourishes now

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