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Can a groupie have a groupie? If so, what does that mean?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) December 21st, 2009

Can you be famous for hanging around with someone who is really famous? Is this reflected fame, or is it fame in it’s own right? Would the fame go away if the first level famous person stopped being famous?

What is the significance of being a groupie of a famous groupie? Why would anyone be a groupie at all? Is it a sort of a pyramid club of achievement? Glory of association? A sign of low self-esteem? A sign of lack of talent?

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I remember when I saw the Beatles live (yes I’m old) in the 60’s. There were a few guys standing around outside the venue with signs saying “Shake the hand of someone who shook a Beatle’s hand”. They had lines of girls willing to PAY to do that.
Sometimes people might figure they’re never going to actually meet the famous person and the next best thing is to “meet” or hang out with someone who has. In this case, the only “fame” someone would have achieved would be that they could brag to their friends about it.

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You can be somewhat famous for being associated with a “star” But it seems to be a limited kind of fame. Think Kato Kaelin of OJ Simpson fame. Where is he now?

I think they become groupies to try and experience the lifestyle of the famous without actually achieving fame for themselves. An imitation fame is good enough for them since reflected glory is still more glory than the average Joe is going to get in this lifetime.

I can see the appeal of being a groupie if you think that you’re only cool if you can get others to think you are cool. So maybe lack of self esteem does factor into it.

My thoughts on being a groupie are if you aren’t the lead dog the view is all the same.

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Yes, absolutely. Melissa Annelli is famous because she has met J.K. Rowling and records podcasts about Harry Potter. Really, it’s nothing more than the groupie riding to glory on the celebrity’s coat tails.

I think that people’s fascination with groupies is like the six degrees of separation idea. Associating with the groupie makes the fan feel even closer to his/her favorite celebrity. And self-esteem benefits probably influence groupies to follow their favorite celebrities, because when they get fans of their own, they can experience a taste of stardom.

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Many years ago ( early to mid 70’s….I’m old, too) I dated and subsequently lived with, for a period of time, a young lady who was “well-connected” in the music industry here in Los Angeles. Her initial exposure came from dating an accomplished sound engineer (subsequently, an accomplished producer), but she subsequently met and dated some very notable performers.

I wouldn’t call her a groupie however. She had a job (a Playboy bunny) and interests outside of the music business. Her life goal was not to party with the stars at any cost by perhaps providing favors (sex and/or drugs) as some groupies certainly do, but because she was very pretty, and quite nice and friendly, she (and I, by association) were frequently provided free albums, tickets to live shows including back stage passes as well as invitations to parties and gatherings.

If however, you would consider her a groupie, then I guess you can call me a groupie of a groupie, tho I didn’t date/live with her because of her music connections (tho I certainly benefitted from them) Rather, I befriended her simply because she was very pretty and quite nice and friendly. And, by the way, we remain very good friends to this day.

Now to throw in a little twist, she and the sound engineer mentioned above, actually met at a automobile race track where he was a fan and she the daughter of an accomplished race car driver. I do not specifically know his impetus for dating her, other than, of course, the obvious….she was very pretty and quite nice and friendly. If his real reason was to meet her father and rub elbows with the racing scene (in whiich I also benefitted, by the way), then you could conceivably label me a music/racing groupie of a music groupie of an racing groupie who happened to be in the music industry. Phew! Whatever, the net result is, I have met, (and in several cases still consider good friends) many of the biggest names in the music business and racing world.

See ya….Gary/wtf

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I can’t imagine myself as a groupie, much less a groupie of a groupie????

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@JustPlainBarb – I’m sorry, I have to do this.


OK, thanks. You have no idea how much I would have loved to have seen them. ::sigh::
I’ve never heard of Cynthia Plaster Caster or Pamela des Barres ever having groupies, but you never know.

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@lonelydragon Melissa Annelli rocks! She is very inciteful about the work of JK Rowling, and is funny and personable on the podcasts.
You might as well call Johnny Carson a groupie.

Years ago, I got to meet Giancarlo Gianinni, the great Italian actor, in a restaurant. We spoke, and he gave me the only autograph I ever asked for from an actor. As we parted, I thanked him, and shook his hand.
At the end of that moment, a beautiful woman walked in, and saw me shaking hands and talking to Gianinni. She immediately walked up to me, and began hitting on me, which I was NOT used to. The moment she found out I didn’t actually know him, she spun on her heels and walked away.

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@filmfann I never said Miss Annelli was unlikable. She certainly has her good points (such as a strong stage presence), but without JKR, it’s doubtful that she would have risen to the level of fame she enjoys today.

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What a country. People who are famous for being famous, and others who are famous because they know someone who knows someone famous.

Truly, I must be the center of the universe. God, maybe. No one knows me, or knows whether or not I exist.

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@CyanoticWasp I heard you were just a rumor.

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