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Possible gift ideas for a girlie?

Asked by warribbons (606points) December 21st, 2009

I’m a classy type of guy, falling for a classy type of girl. Procrastination has dominated me, and it is nearing that celebration called “Christmas.” I have decided to acquire a gift for that lovely lady. I have a few ideas – disease plushie (of the sexual infection type) [microbes?], a thing that one hangs from a usb/cellphone/keychain(that would obviously allude to our many hangouts/dates?), facial oil (though i would not know what type i would purchase), or a poster. Other ideas that had come to mind were condoms, porno, masturbating devices, necklaces, and bracelets. The first three had obvious reasons (I lack the manliness, at the moment, to gift it) as to not make it to my list. Necklaces and bracelets seem rather impersonal and I lack the funds to support such a daring purchase.

I also plan to add chocolates or candy to augment the ferocity of my fantastic gift.

Criticism and other suggestions will be appreciated, though keep in mind that my treasuries are quite limited.

Discuss gift ideas for a girl. GO

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I hope you don’t call her a “girlie” to her face or that she knows that you refer to her in that fashion.

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Since you are classy guy, I suggest a strap-on that she can use on you. Who wouldn’t want that? It will be a HUGE hit, I promise. Your relationship will never be the same.

In all seriousness, one thing you could do (on the cheap) is make a photo-album of your time together (assuming you have some digital photos). These can be made online at many sites, and-or purchased at your local pharmacy-Walmart, etc. For ~$20, she’ll have a keepsake that you made yourself. I back this quip with my 100% money back guarantee.

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@Rarebear I do not call her “girlie” in person. The word just popped in my mind when I was creating this question… I was thinking of calling her that tomorrow, but i guess i should rethink that.

@mote The strap-on is for the future. And that photo idea will not work.

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You could buy her a nice perfume , Prada Handbag , there are also some EXpensive chocolates ect out on the market such as the chocolate covered strawberries (Delicious!) .. OR have her make a list of items and you choose from HER list.

At least you’d be buying something that you know that she wants / needs.

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1. Is the STD plushie an inside joke? (I hope so…)

2. Is there something wrong with her face? Why would you buy her facial oil?

Good call on NOT purchasing her condoms, porno, and sex toys.

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You’re too classy for me, couldn’t even hazard a guess.

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A gift certificate to a spa would compliment a box of chocolates.

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@HighShaman i already asked her what she wanted for christmas… she didn’t say anything

@nikipedia she likes to use facial oil to make her face cute

@gradyjones i shall consider that possibility

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1. cut a hole in a box
2. Put your junk in the box
3. open the box

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“Girlie” isn’t really a classy term and I doubt she will like it. Porno material? Nothing says Merry Christmas better.~
Gift certificate to get a manicure/pedicure.

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The cell phone/ usb charm idea isn’t bad. There are a lot of different types so you could probably find one that has personal meaning for the two of you. Instead of getting her something like condoms or porn, maybe just get some nice lingerie. I have no clue what facial oil is, but she might like some body lotion or shower gel that smells nice.

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Anything with ‘Hello Kitty’ on it ought to do nicely, especially cell phone charms.

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The cell phone charm is a really good idea. I’m a girlie too and that would be awesome. Go to the coach store, they have some really cute ones.

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How young or old is your “girlie”?
A younger one might enjoy a gift card/certificate to Claire’s or Hot Topic, some Victoria’s Secret pajamas and the perfume spray most strippers in the clubs use- ask the counter person, they’ll know just the exact one. Seriously, you could give all three of those items for less than the price of two sex toys from most places. Sex toys aren’t inexpensive.

An older “girlie” might enjoy a gift of flowers along with a vase to put them in, a small box of chocolates and gift card to Victoria’s Secret to pick out lingerie.

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thank you everyone for the great ideas,

her age = 17

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Anything from Lancome’ Paris.

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Not anything sexually oriented, that is anything but classy until you have been dating for some time.

Maybe something that she has said she wants, like a jewellery box or a particular accessory like a handbag or scarf (make sure you know exactly which one first, you don’t want to stuff that one up).

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