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When did Fluther's banner/mission statement change?

Asked by MagsRags (5759points) December 21st, 2009

Just last week, it still said something along the lines of “Everyone is an expert at something” plus some additional exposition. Now we seem to have rotating banner statements, with the most frequent one “Trusted Community… share diverse knowledge and expertise.” It’s possible that they rotated before and I just didn’t notice, but I’m almost certain things have changed.

What? Why? When?

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They’ve had multiple welcome banners for a while. There are a total of four, I believe. If you click on the arrows to the left and right of them you can flip through them and read them all. They’ve definitely been there longer than a week.

Btw, they’re (in no particular order) 1) “Trusted Community” 2) “Just for You” 3) “Ask Fluther” and 4) “We’re All Experts.”

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Dammit! The “everyone’s an expert” one just rotated in for me…. I swear it wasn’t showing up after a lot of refreshings

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What happened to the “All Hail AstroChuck!” banner Fluther used to have?

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More info here.

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@johnpowell – Nice, I didn’t know that! Is it pure CSS somehow, or is there Javascript involved?

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There is javascript involved.

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awesome, thanks jp!

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@AstroChuck – I just busted out laughing at that. I can count on you to crack me up on the regular!

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Gee, thanks. My job is done here.

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