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What happens if you stop following questions?

Asked by Pandora (29480points) December 21st, 2009

I was just wondering if anyone can tell me if you stop following questions, does that mean that you can never view the question?
I figure if you mark not interested in a question it just means you won’t see it, but if you mark delete, does that mean fluther deletes it all together?

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No, it just means new responses in that thread won’t result in “Activity for You” notification.

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It just means if someone post in said question, you won’t get a notification in the “Activity for you” section. It’s still there. You just need to search for it now.

At least I think that’s what you’re asking.

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All I can tell is you just don’t get notified at responses.

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No. In the Questions for you if you mark remove removes it and it doesn’t change any of your interests or what kind of question they will refer to you next time around. Not interested means that you don’t like the subject of the question and it can change what kind of questions you will get next time because your not interested in that particular subject. If you respond to a question and you click stop following question it just wont show up on Activity for you anymore.

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You can go back and look at it any time you want. It’s just harder to find if you’re really interested in the answer thread.

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@haroot, yep that is what I was asking. Thanks

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@sjmc1989 Now I understand why they would have a harder time sending me questions. I was afraid to mess up the questions I didn’t want to answer, so I would put not interested

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@Pandora No I always click remove because I don’t want it to change my interests.

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Your soul is free

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Terrible, horrible things!

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@PretentiousArtist, If only life worked that way!

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~As soon as you stop following a question all the people who are still following it start talking about you, how glad they are that you’re gone and how they didn’t think you’d ever leave. 0_o

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If you do that, the world might come off it’s axis…...or something like that. Not sure tho :)

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@Buttonstc Too late then, hold onnnnnn!

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The sooner you realize that it’s not possible to escape from the Fluther matrix, the better off you will be. This question will soon be expunged. You will remember none of this.

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They stop following you.

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Santa doesn’t visit

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What @sjmc1989 said.

I would have told you myself, but the CIA will [REDACTED].

Move along, folks. There is nothing to see here.

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