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Christmas criminals, what do you think of them?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) December 21st, 2009

In the news in my area there has been a rash of holiday chuckleheads ripping people off, stealing wreaths off doors, fixtures from lawns, and packages left by UPS and FedEx and such. Do you believe these are hard luck people because of the economy or are they just selfish greedy $&^!+&? Do you believe stealing during the holidays is more classless or about the same as any other stealing?

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At least they’re taking the hazardous obstructions (3) with them!

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They are probably teenager as there is no resale value on reefs nor lawn fixtures.

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They’re probably bored.

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people that steal mail are a whole different breed than prankers. they are usually meth heads trying to get id’s. really hard luck people steal from grocery stores and sometimes department stores. it all goes up this time of year cause it’s super busy so it’s easy.

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I answered this burlary call a few days before Christmas. the owners went Christmas shopping and left their other Christmas gifts under the treet, in plain view from the outside. they had a lot of gifts and i guess the temptation was just too great for a greedy burlar. entry made through the back door. not only were the presents taken, the burlars also took their Christmas tree and ornaments. it was pitiful to see the looks on the childrens faces, knowing that Christmas would not be this year. most of the presents were wrapped in funny papers from the newspaper. i had a gut feeling that the theives leaved nearby. i received a tip and went to this particular house. from the doorway, i could see some funny papers piled on the floor and unwrapped gifts to the side. i knew what the victim had described as gifts in the packages and everything fit into place. since i could see the stolen property in plain view, i arrested two juveniles males and confiscated the stolen gifts. i took the gifts back to its owner and the two males spent Christmas in Juvenile Court. never having a past record, both males were remanded to their parents under probation.

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Chuckleheads? I feel so offended.

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IMHO stealing is stealing
‘Tis the season though, and the greedmongers are out in full force

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They are just selfish greedy $&^!+&. They would steal at any time of the year. It’s just that during December folks tend to have so much stuff out where the bad guys can see it.

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@AstroChuck Awwwww I meant NOTHING against you, it is that my thesaurus coined a chucklehead as some idiot, slopped brow Neanderthal, etc, not a cool guy with antlers Hee hee hee.

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@john65pennington I am so glad those kids did not lose their Christmas like too many will when these douche bags rip off the gifts because they are too lazy to go buy some, too cheap or too poor.

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No matter the reason, I think it’s a bad idea to steal people’s wreaths, lights and packages. It doesn’t matter if you’re hard up or not. Stealing from another family who may have worked very hard to get what they do (or did) have is bad character.

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@Pretty_Lilly When you swipe something left on the porch of a house by FedEx you have a fair chance that it is something more than a fruit cake.

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you mean like the christians stealing the pagan holidays , rituals , etc ,,, after killing off , murdering , burning ,, and hanging the them. then passing it off as their holiday and selling it to you .. .... yep, sick stuff indeed .

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I am assuming you are referring to thieves. I have absolutely no respect or sympathy for anyone who lurks in the shadows waiting to steal what someone else has worked for. Multiply that a thousand times for those who steal gifts, because more times than not, they are stealing from children.

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My sister just had some lights stolen off the bushes in front of her house. A lady I work with had her car window smashed and some toys stolen out of it. It was parked in her driveway. Two other people I know just had theor houses broken into within the last month or so. It saddens me to think of all the thefts all year round but to steal Christmas is wrong on a whole different level.

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Thieves are opportunistic criminals and the holiday season provides more opportunities.

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I hate thieves year round.

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It is sad and heartbreaking.

For the family that not only lost a part of their Christmas. But also, lost their sense of security.

I also feel sad for the criminal. What damage and loss happened to them to partake such a selfish approach to crime.

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Stealing is stealing. I’m under no impression that stealing is any worse because people are too stupid to put signature confirmation on their packages.

Honestly, who pays top dollar for a gift, then sends it without specific instructions to the carrier to make certain it gets in the right hands? Signature confirmation with the USPS is less than $2.

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“It’s the most vulnerable time of the year…”

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They steal wreaths? Wow.

I had a friend who, when she was just a little kid, had her presents stolen the night before Christmas. She was devastated when she woke up Christmas morning! I think that’s just horrid.

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I believe that they are low down skum of the earth… anyone who takes things that are not theirs ; BUT especially this time of the year…..

NOTE: One year we had a rash of thefts ln my neighborhood up North. I found a roadkill , put it in a showbox and wrapped it up really nice, even put a bow on it…. and left it on my front porch…. It was gone within an hour !! Merry Christmas !!

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@Seek_Kolinahr I think people do not bother to do the signature thing because
<A> They believe they live in “the good neighborhood”,so they have little to worry about.
<B> Because they are in “the good neighborhood” their fellow neighbors are not poor ant thus won’t rip them off.
<C> They forget that crooks have cars and can drive to “good neighborhoods” to do their dirt.

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Well, I’m not condoning it or anything in the least – all stealing is wrong – but, if you’re going to be a criminal, that’s the way to do it.

UPS needs to leave packages at the post office if no one is there to pick them up, because their current routine is flawed – if someone swipes that $800 gift off your doorstep, it’s all on you.

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@toomuchcoffee911 They will steal ANYTHING not nailed down. Just in the news last night this family had their baby Jesus stolen from their display again, the 3rd time in 4 years. They go all out with the lights and junk but someone always try to swipe the baby from the manger scene. Also 2 years ago I had friends lose a life-sized animated Frankenstein from their Halloween display, whoever took it was not bored, it was heavy and you had to have a truck. Needless to say, they chained everything down after that. Sad you have to do that on your own property.

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They are cretins of our society. I say make them wear a Santa hat and ring the Salvation Army bell every day of their sentence.

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UPS, FedEx and the USPS all have “Signature confirmation” of some sort, which is there to guarantee the package gets into the intended recipients’ hands. Yes, it costs a tiny bit more, but then you don’t have your $800 package (or whatever) sitting on your doorstep, in the snow.

I can’t believe more people aren’t aware of, or refuse to take advantage of, this service.

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Theft is theft. However coming up on someones personal property and snatching stuff is just purely wrong. People put up holiday lights not only so they can enjoy. If that was the case they would just decorate the inside of their home. They do it to bring others cheer over the season. I think its just as bad to steel someones sentiment. I know I appreciate it when someone decks out their whole home. It make the neighborhood seem more joyous and bright. They are like the grinch who stole Christmas. Plus if they have children its sad to have to explain to them at an early age that there are people that small and that petty.

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The reasons are as varied as the thieves.

Some may be desperate, some just care-less, some criminals, some drug addicts, some kids pranks.

Who knows?

I have compassion for the desperate, not so much for the lazy of low integrity.

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