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What's the best thing about welcoming in a new year?

Asked by scotsbloke (3756points) December 22nd, 2009

What’s the best thing for you?
How do you celebrate the New Year?
And if you make new year resolutions, what are they for 2010? do you stick to them?
I stay up to Welcome the New Year in with close family then go to bed. I did all the celebrating thing for years previously so unless it’s a party I’m at, or something like that, it’s a fairly low key affair here.
I Don’t make resolutions but I do try to change one thing in my life, whether it’s my diet, attitude, or whatever, this New Year (2010) I am going to shift a few lbs – I have a target so will see how I get on.

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kissing the l♥ve of your life at the stroke of midnight!!
I’ve never had that happen, but hopefully this year it will… one can hope, right?

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@mcbealer Absolutely. I hope it will for you too!! (You could kiss your hand… best thing lol)

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@scotsbloke ~ or my dog’s nose, since she’s usually pretty friendly

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The best thing about welcoming in a new year is the idea that once a year, we have the opportunity for a fresh start and new outlook on life! Champagne at midnight doesn’t hurt, either!

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Clean slate. New beginings. Starting up point, or jumping off point….

I usually stay home. There’s no place I’d rather be…

I ALWAYS make resolutions…can’t think of a single one I’ve stuck with.

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Bah humbug. Sorry, makes no difference to me.

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My celebration of the new year will be based on gladness that 2009 is over. This year has been the worst year of my adult life. My resolution for the upcoming year will be to complete an educational objective that I left hanging in 1978. Immersing myself in completion of this goal will hopefully give me a short-term reason to stay alive.

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The feeling of a new start with new intentions and the ability to correct some of your prior bad habits.

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I’ll be so thankful that this shitty year is over, it’s very bad… (a couple of good things but still, some very ba things happened) I can’t wait for it to be over…

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It’s a day.

It’s one of those events whose meaning shifted for me once I realized as a teenager that our expressions of time are arbitrary and actually don’t mean anything except for whatever meaning we place on them.

So I’ll go out, party with my friends and have fun. Anyway, my process of growing and learning is ongoing. Making resolutions and whatnot don’t strike me the same way as it may others.

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having just a couple of friends round, letting off a few skyrockets

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A New Year’s Eve kiss from someone who probably wouldn’t otherwise share a kiss with you. :-)

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I like the kisses too! I also like finger foods and making fun of the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve celebration on tv with my husband and friends. Another great thing about the actual new year is knowing that a tax refund is right around the corner, and my husband gets a much needed raise/promotion at work. No resolutions for me. I can’t keep them, so I don’t pretend.

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I have a very special anniversary I am looking forward to and 365 more chances to wake up and smile! Viva La 2010!!

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@ubersiren Yes! The tax refunds. As soon as New Years is over, I start getting progressively more annoyed with my employer for taking so long to get me my W2s. I will never understand people who wait until April to do them. :-)

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Screwing up the date on checks for the first six weeks. ~

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Definitely the feeling of starting with a clean slate and a renewed optimisim. Since 2009 has been such a tough year financially for so many of us, I would think we’d all be looking forward to 2010. This won’t be an easy year either, but I feel that things are at least going in the right direction. And my New Year’s resolution is just to keep working hard, and coming up with the same kind of innovative ideas that got us through 2009.

I think the hard times have made many of us more thankful for what we have.

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Sharing a magnum bottle of champagne with your baby.

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Tax money.

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I like NY’s celebrations because I get to watch over the top cheesy Russian New Year Specials that make me want to get drunk just to deal with this world – I don’t get drunk…another reason is that my best friend spends it with us (xcept this year he wont, that bastard, because of ‘family issues’, bah, what is that?)

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The blowout horns and beer.

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Just a quiet night at home with hubby and fur babies, watch tv, till the bells, then off to bed as usual. If I do make a resolution it’ll be to lose weight, and maybe try to cope a bit better than I have been doing this past year. Hope everyone has a wonderful 2010,
hugs xx

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The grapes, the cheesecake, the food, and marathons!

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I plan to skip New Year’s eve. I was soooo looking forward to bringing in 2010, together, with my Love. I had dreams of a special time together all cozy and watching
the fireworks. Being together did not happen…...........just the thought of New Year’s eve
makes me cry and a tad bit upset.

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Having the day off.

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a fresh start.

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i celebrate the new year by celebrating the old one…if that makes sence

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It’s a time of reflection. I usually take some kind of personal inventory. This can be done anytime (just as giving presents to your kids or telling your sweetie that you love him or making a special meal can be done anytime), but the occasion prompts it.

A helpful question offered by a friend of mine is this: “How have you added value to your life in the past year?”

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The holidays will finally be over.

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Well, it’s nearly upon us. 90 minutes to go here…........... (how sad, stuck to my PC on new years eve) ah well, Happy New Year Everyone.
See ya next year!

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Not really anything at all….........merely an awful reminder

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