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What is the substitute used in gluten-free products?

Asked by Daisygirl (377points) December 22nd, 2009

I tried a few different brands of Chex Mix cereal that were gluten-free not too long ago and after eating them I was nauseated and got a massive migraine. Has anyone else had this problem or am I “special case” again? (lol)

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Fors information about substitutes in general, see this excellent wikipedia article. In information in the details you have provided indicates that you have had a problem with a specific product, so it could have been one of the other additives in the product, and nothing to do with gluten-free.

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Oh wow, there’s a wealth of info in that article. I book marked it and I’m going to take note as to what’s in each of the foods I’m eating. I have had migraines for years and it may not be environmental after all, but maybe I’m having a bad reaction to the food I’m eating. Thanks much for the article :)

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I’d definitely try a few other gluten-free products, to see if it’s one of the gluten substitutes, or if it’s just something specific to the Chex Mix that’s bothering you.

The most common substitutes for wheat flour that you’ll find in GF products are rice, potato, and tapioca flours (although, there are many others too). If you’re okay with any or all of those three things, then there should be lots of GF products out there that won’t give you a bad reaction – as @YARNLADY said, it might just be a reaction to one of the other ingredients in the Chex Mix.

I read a lot of GF cooking blogs, which I’d be happy to recommend if you’re interested, but Karina’s Kitchen has one of the most helpful “how to start eating GF” pages I’ve found – it’s got links to all sorts of useful information, tips and GF product lists. I hope that helps!

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@sdeutsch yeah, I just recently tried the GF Chex Mix because it was on sale and I usually buy regular Chex didn’t think it would be any different. I’m a bit afraid to try anymore gluten-free products, I’m not quite sure what’s really all that negative about it… I thank you for taking the time to answer tho!

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@sdutsch gluten free is no wheat, rye or barley. Most people who do gluten free are allergic to it in some form or another. @daisygirl.. there are a lot of substitutions for gluten. You just may be allergic to rice or corn or something else that caused that reaction. If you need more information on gluten free try this list and They have sooo many lists to help you do substitutions.

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