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If someone was sneaking in butt-sniffs on you would you consider that sexual assault?

Asked by Ansible1 (4841points) December 22nd, 2009

How would you react if someone were secretely sniffing your butt? Also, would it be more offensive if it were someone of the opposite sex?

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LMFAO! I wouldn’t be extremely upset, i’d just be in a “what the hell…..” mood. I would care less if it was a woman though. People are so strange that I expect anything from them.

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I’d pass wind

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Id consider it sick and twisted.

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I just watched the video. Its just really creepy.

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I don’t care who it is. Anybody who gets that close to me is going to be on the ground within two seconds.

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You get a GQ just for the offensiveness of it.

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Um, eww…and yeah, I wouldn’t care about the sex of the person, I would feel violated either way.

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What a freak, I would probably turn around and kick the fucker in the face, but then it would be me the police were looking for !

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No, I’d consider them a German Shepard.

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Well, you’d just have to shake your head and laugh!!

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Pamela Anderson can sniff my butt any time.

I will even make believe I do not notice.

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Wow… definitely sexual harassment.

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Oh Gawd! I would have no idea how I’d react to that. I would probably think I was being Punk’d!

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I’ll answer this as soon as I stop laughing.

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It would seem like a joke, probably. I’d laugh, then if I realized he/she wasn’t joking, I’d be a little weirded out, but I’d feel kind of sorry for the poor deranged crazy person.

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That guy can’t believe it’s not butter.

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We had a guy at work brought before the EEOC for this kind of thing. He was suspended for 30 days.
Watching that video is something. I don’t know whether to whince or laugh.

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I’d do my best to just fart in their face and be done with it. That’ll keep them away FOR EVER.

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Let’s vote: Is this not the strangest question EVER asked on Fluther?

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@stratman37 not even close

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@ChazMaz I second that, for Halle Berry

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If he was doing that to me, I’d turn that guy’s head into a bowling ball. His eyes and mouth would be the finger holes. But not before setting up some soda cans in aisle three as the pins. LOL.

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It would be weird but I don’t think it should be sexual assault.

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That is freaking hilarious! How did the dude not know someone was sniffing his butt 20 times?

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@stemnyjones – Yes I am with you on that one too. :-)

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I “Sphinkter” on to something, “Butt” in “odor” to prove it, you’d have to “Cheek” in “Hindsight” to make sure you do, do you?

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Imagine how embarressing it would be to be in jail for THAT crime. ;+

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I’d probably kick them in the nose. That is disgusting! And if I knew they were coming around again, I’d eat some Burger King onion rings – - believe me, they cause some of the raunchiest farts!

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i would consider it an act of suicide, on their part

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@Carbonproduct – mad lurve for the puns, looks like I’ve found a verbal sparring partner in you!

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@startman37 tanks, I’m charmed and ready to goo! Lets do ditz….;0

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First reaction…WTF? Then I’d laugh my self silly. Sniff on sniffy snifferton.

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