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Which multivitamin and supplements do you suggest I take for better skin, stronger joints and overall health?

Asked by minolta (328points) December 22nd, 2009

I don’t take any vitamins. I also can’t say I eat very well. My skin has been getting red spots/bumps and and overall I don’t feel I’m very healthy.

I hear that zinc and fiber are good in restoring good skin.

Also, vitamins D, K, B are supposed to have many benefits.

Should I take a multivitamin like GNC’s Mega Men to get enough vitamins.. do I need more than just Mega Men in terms of vitamins?

For minerals, what do you suggest that contains Zinc, Iron, etc.?

My joints are in bad shape and I also need better, healthier joints to sustain my career in music.. What do you recommend?

Your help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

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There is no empirical evidence that any supplements do anything. If you want to be healthy you need to eat a preponderance of fruit, vegetables and minimally-processed grains. Meat once in a while if you must, preferably oily fish.

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I would start with a trip to your Doc, perhaps a B complex will help along with a Fish Oil supplement.

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To help with hair, nails and skin, take Omega 3’s (fish oil pills).
They will also help with joint, bone and muscle pain because most of them fight off inflammation.
Find something with tocotrienols in it which is the purest form of Vitamin E.

I don’t know if you’re a vegetarian or not, but you need to start eating fish (preferrably salmon) as well as vegetables. Cut out the soda and start drinking more water and juice.
Water does wonders for your skin.

There is a lotion that my dermatologist recommended for the red rashy bumps on my arms. I forgot what they’re called (sounds like this is what you may have), but the lotion is called AmLactin. It’s not a prescription. I get my bottles from Costco. It works very well to help moisturize and exfoliate your skin.

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Vit D, calcium, magnesium for joints, vit B complex for energy and focus and balance, zinc would be in a mutivitamin. I have arthritis and have noticed grat improvement form adding magnesium.

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thanks for those responses. I will take the fish oil pills and a multivitamin based on the advice.

Do multivitamins like MegaMen contain enough of all of the vitamins I would need? Or do I need to get more than just a multivitamin?

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sometimes they have soo much you end up with bright yellow pee as your money goes literally down the toilet! Go lighter and visit your Doc- a blood test will show the correct amounts.

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Don’t Vit B’s make your pee yellower even at the right dose? I think so.

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When your body is Full it does, sometimes I skip.

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Borba is great for your skin.

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