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What are some user friendly ways to get rid of guests who have outstayed their welcome this Christmas?

Asked by ucme (50031points) December 22nd, 2009

Perhaps an irritating relative. Or an over zealous possibly drunken friend. How to show them out without causing too many ripples?

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Yawn, and say, “boy it is late, I need to hit the sack. Is that right honey?” Glance to your partner and dump the responsibility on her/him.

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Start coughing and sneezing and wondering aloud if you might be coming down with H1N1..

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Make sure they are drunk, and when they want to goto the toilet direct them out the front foor, then close the door behind them :)

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Walk around naked for a few days.

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I would just tell them you have to get up early the next morning for whatever reason. Just start cleaning up and ask them if they’d like you to wrap up some leftovers for them to take home, etc. Whatever you choose, be nice about it, but firm. If they’re being obnoxious about staying past their welcome… I wouldn’t feel badly about giving them a bit of the “bum’s rush” when it’s time to leave.

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@janbb You cruel swine

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tell them you have to return some gifts early next morning and you need your sleep.

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@Sarcasm I’d find that pretty hard.

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Shut the lights off and say ‘Good night! Going to bed!’ and go.

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Don’t be rude. Just get up, smile at them, and thank them for a wonderful time. Show them the way out and don’t let the door hit them as they depart. Merry Christmas.

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Hand them your mop or vacuum cleaner.

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(I actually had to do that one night. We used to have a lot of parties and there was one particular couple who just stayed and stayed and stayed….so that was our solution finally – and it worked! Not too subtle, but nothing else worked!)

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Just be honest. “Think we’ll be headed to bed in about half an hour. How are you getting back?”

Or you could drug them and then carry them outside.

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“Well, I’m so glad you could come. It’s been a nice evening, and now it’s getting to be time for us to say good-night. <or> I’m afraid we’ve kept you up too long. Shall I walk you to your car?”

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I heard a story about someone who couldn’t get a couple to stop “dropping by” at dinner time.
They would eat a meal, and never reciprocate. Finally, the last time they came by, the wife, after dinner, took the plates and put them on the floor for the dogs to lick clean. She then stacked them up and put them in the cupboards.
The couple never came by uninvited again.

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trip the fuse box. works every time.

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Have ‘em arrested for trespassing.

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