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I have a question about hot dip galvanizing. Is there any effect on galvanized coating if flux (zinc ammonium chloride salt) mixed inside hydrochloric acid tank instead of the normal separate hydrochloric acid tank and flux tank?

Asked by citizenearth (781points) December 23rd, 2009

Recently, the flux tank has leakage problem. To remedy this for short-term solution, the flux (zinc ammonium chloride salt) is mixed inside the hydrochloric acid tank. Is there any significant effect on the galvanized coating on steel products? For now, the coating seems normal in terms of thickness and appearance.

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They should be applied separately, the acid and flux are weakening each other mixed together like that. Although they perform two separate functions in the process, both functions are necessary and are being weakened by mixing the two chemicals. You may have problems with the plating flaking off.

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