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What are some good things to bring on a long car ride? My girlfriend and I will not be driving so we can do things together.

Asked by LeopardGecko (1237points) December 23rd, 2009

We have a few puzzle books so far.

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Your fatigue and your pajamas. Whenever I have to go on long trips where I won’t be driving (blurrgggg) I stay up the whole night before so I won’t be bored out of my mind. Plus then I have lots of extra time to get things done before the trip. It’s a double benefit.

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Recorded books. You can borrow them from the library for free, or Cracker Barrel has a deal where you buy the first one, and then can trade it in on another one for $3.49.

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Mini magnetic boardgames are always cool. I have seen checkers, chess, and various board games (at the moment only Candy Land comes to mind, but there are others).

A few ideas, I really like the idea of dry erase markers on the windows. Sounds fun!

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Bring playing cards!

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PSP, Book and sense of Humour!

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Do video interviews on your phone cameras.

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Stay awake the whole night before and take a pillow.

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Get a headphone splitter for your iPod, load up some movies and share! Or download a book from and listen to it.

Magnetic board games are good too.

And if you have a wireless usb modem, you can fluther while you go.

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I usually have tons of paperwork and reading material to catch up on. I don’t like long car trips on secondary roads because the bouncing and swaying gives me a headache trying to read and makes writing legibly quite difficult. Getting a recorded version of a book you intend to read is good for this purpose too, even if you are driving. Anything over three hours driving time, I prefer to fly. I can always do work, e-mails, web stuff in the airport lounges.

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“Take” not “bring,” grammar is your friend. Review it.

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@Dibley Your mind was in the same place that mine was after reading that question.

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Pick up a couple Mad Libs pads… they’re cheap, funny, and you can hang on to them and reread them for days to come when you need a good laugh.

Looks like Wendy’s has a promo on Mad Libs right now when you buy a kids meal. Check out the link above for more info.

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LOVE the Mad Libs!!!

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A really big blanket.

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Road Games. test your musical memory by the following: one person starts the game like this, ” lets name all the song titles when can think of that start with the letter L”. how many songs do you know that start with that letter, example Love So Right(beegees). keep naming songs till you run out of memory for each of you. then, pick another letter and so on. this game picks your memory of how much knowledge you each have of music. its fun and it lasts a long time. there are no rules, just be sure the song title you give does exist. if there is a challenge and you cannot prove it, that title is deleted. its fun and you will enjoy…..john

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Nothing. Besides a pillow and a blanket.
Take the time to talk and listen. Observe the world as it passes by your window.

Severing yourself form all the technology and isolation of you daily routine.

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I once wrote an entire paper in eight hours on the New York Thruway, and began each new section with the town we were driving through!

@Dibley and @erichw1504 my mind went there too. Bring a curtain to block off the front seats then go crazy in the back? :)

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Also, my brother and I sing and harmonize and change the words to songs and stuff.

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Car Games

Numberplate Game
Alphabet Game
Padiddle (I’ve never heard of this one before)
Twenty Questions

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@Dibley @erichw1504 @sliceswiththings Ditto. Bring some loud music to drown out the sound too.

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I read this in some travel magazine for kids….. but it said call out “white stretch limo-15 points.” i don’t really remember how the points added up, but the main bullet point is call out every white stretch you see… you’ll see more than you’d think. yell it out and scream @ each other.

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