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Whenever I connect my iPhone to iTunes, iTunes freezes. Any ideas why?

Asked by Jay170590 (335points) December 23rd, 2009 from iPhone

iTunes runs ok without my iPhone connected but freezes when I connect my iPhone. The rest of the computer is fine just iTunes freezes and the iPhone doesn’t show up on the left column in iTunes but it is recognised by iTunes. I have the latest version if iTunes and it still doesn’t work. Any ideas why?

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I’ve had that happen. Generally rebooting your computer and iPhone will help. If not simply reinstall iTunes.

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I’d try a couple of things.
1. Repair permissions in disk utility.
2. Hard reboot iPhone. (hold on/off button and Home button at the same time till screen goes blank, and Apple logo reappears).
3. Then try connecting (physcially) and see if iPhone launches iTunes and iPhoto. If not launch iTunes manually. If you still have probs…
4. Reinstall iTunes.
always remember to repair permissions before AND after installing new software.
Good luck!

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How do you repair permissions?

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Are you aware that your iPhone entitles you to free telephone access to Apple technical experts.

1–800-MY IPHONE.

That’s what I do whenever I have a problem of any kind or even just general questions about all types of iPhone issues.

Most people have horror stories about calling tech support, but not Apple customers.

Consumer Reports consistently rates them highest in user satisfaction year after year.

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Does that work in the uk aswell?

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I don’t know why it wouldn’t since it is a toll free number.

However, just to be sure that there isn’t a different number in UK, just make a call to your nearest Apple store there in your country. They will know what number to call for sure.

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