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Any one here approaching 50 and having the blues?

Asked by Just_Justine (6496points) December 23rd, 2009

I dont want to sound shallow but I used to feel fit, sexy, vibrant, in control and well ;attractive! I am 47 now and I did go to the salon, get a hair cut, change my hair colour, change my diet, take vitamins, but I just dont feel good I feel blah! In fact I even hate my hair! (after the salon visit).

So now, I avoid going out. I would really appreciate some suggestions, or tips on what helped you. I feel old and horrid.

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Welcome to fluther. {{{Hugs}}}

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Do you exercise?

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I passed that mark three years ago. I didn’t feel horrid at the time but recent events have done that to me. Age is more a matter of attitude than chronology. Sometimes external events can change things instantly. I went almost overnight from feeling twenty years younger than my calendar years to feeling about eighty. I’m sorry if this isn’t very helpful. All I can stress is the importance of mental attitude, even though I don’t follow my own advice.

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Are there particular thoughts making you feel bad or is it more of a physical feeling?

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I go through those moods now and then, but just the thought of turning 50 or any other age milestone didn’t do anything to me. The time it hit me the worst was when I came across an old cassette tape of lullabies that used my daughters name in each song and she listened to endlessly. It really brought back old memories and it came to me suddenly that my kids were grown and where had all that time gone? It lead to a very depressing night, tears, the whole nine yards. Then I got over it. Keep taking the vitamins, keep up the good diet, and get out there and walk fast in some fresh air. Find a new hobby, do some volunteer work, basically get your mind off of the ‘age’ thing. It will pass.

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I’ve been in my 50s for a few years, now! Actually. . . . . . .my 50th birthday was the ONLY birthday that sort of depressed me! It SOUNDS old, yeah! But, my hubby assures me I’m “still cook’n”, though! And I think that’s very important; to have the emotional support of your spouse or significant other! Sharing life and growing old with someone you love and that loves YOU, I think, is the MOST important thing! I like to look good, but it doesn’t mean “squat” if the person you’re living life with DOESN’T appreciate it! Do the best you can with what you’ve got; exercise and stay proportionate in weight and that’s really all you can do PHYSICALLY! A little make-up and nicely dressing are all just “icing on the cake” after that! Smile; ‘cause frowning AIN’T going to help except to make you look OLDER!

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I’m 48 and will soon be 48. I’m not feeling blue yet except for the aches I feel sometimes out of the blue. But I’m in good health and I’ve been told I look good for my age many times. Sure I forget some things more than before but every year I find I learn more about life so its a good trade off. Oh, there is one thing that bums me. I need reading glasses and if I forget them I have to ask for assistance reading some labels. Really sucks!

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@Just_Justine I am 45.

Hellooooooo sexy!

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gosh sorry do I answer here?

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@Just_Justine you can do like I sent you in the comment. But don’t overdo. Best to just comment to people privately if you just wish to thank them or to just thank everyone at once

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my dad…in janurary..i still dont think i can spell janurary right..

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Ditto here. But I’m seeing more blue sky now, than just blue.

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Get some elders in your life. My 94 y.o. neighbor is the best thing to happen to my reality of age in .. ages. I leave her place feeling strong and capable, and she never hesitates to point my ‘youth’ out to me.

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I am distracted from the fright of what I look like by the process. I think it’s neato how one morning you wake up and your once glowing skin looks like crepe paper. Cool! How my hair, once soft, is now a little coarse, but it’s glowing from all the grey. My butt still looks the same in a pair of jeans, but when I take off my jeans, it flattens out like a deflating life raft. I have an old lady suit and it’s like any other new outfit. I wear it around but it hasn’t changed me inside. Chhhhchanges….

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Approaching 50? i just had my 66th birthday on December 16 and i feel great! life is what you make it. you can sit around and feel sorry for yourself OR you can look in the mirror and tell yourself…...“I am the controller of my own destiny. its time i got off my rear and to make a difference in my life. i control my destiny and its time now for a change”. when i was 58, i made this same statement to myself. you could not possibly imagine what happened in my life after me making this statement to myself. thats another story. you are the master of your fate. sit around, mope, whine and just get fat. its your call. i get out of the bed each morning…..running. life is too short to feel sorry for yourself. make it happen, i did.

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Don’t worry about what people think about you, and concentrate on what makes you enjoy doing.

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I’m 47. Last birthday was okay. I had the blues when I got 30.

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