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I think I heard there is a typeface search engine. Maybe it’s even one of Google’s tricks. Image matching.

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It is kinda close. I can’t find a exact match.

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Try these

EDIT: oops, jp used the same site

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I’ve never seen this font before. And it says it is a new (2009) design created specifically for one company. You may not be able to find another version of it, or be able to purchase it.
You can turn a black sanserif into curves and modify each letter to copy what these look like, but you might be violating copyright. And you can’t use them as type any longer once they are art. I think I’d skip it and find a font that I can use lawfully.

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wow, this search option is pretty darn cool.

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RedFive comes to mind, has kind of the same feel to it, but just one weight.

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