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Whats a GOOD score on the SAT?

Asked by saysay15 (79points) December 23rd, 2009

my parents think that an OK score is a 2100…and a 2300 is a GOOD score..but im not even in that range..i recently got a 2010..should i study more and get higher or focus on my classes at school?

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That’s because you have the typical “get A’s or die” parents. I got a 2280 on the SAT my second time around and I’m attending Stanford. I’d say 2000 and above is pretty damn good. You’re doing fine. The average scores for college-bound seniors are much lower. A friend of mine got a 1930 and is attending UC Berkeley. Also, if you want, you could take the ACT and see if your score is any better. I also know someone who got an 1880 on the SAT, but their score on the ACT was equivalent to a 2150 on the SAT.

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In my day 1600 was a perfect score. 1200 and up was good, generally. Of course it was harder then too.

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I never took them. I did two years at a community college and transferred to a university. I got the same degree in the end. And my loans are paid off.

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Never took the SAT, but I did take the ACT and got a 23 which hasn’t kept me from any schools.

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This is an ironic answer that was just meant to be… sons destiny and his ACT score.for years, i worked part-time security in a large department store. i knew my son had shown some interest in the weather. i also knew this store i was working, was about to close. i had my eye on a really nice weather station gift in the store. they only had one. the weather station explained all about the weather from A to Z. i wanted this for my son. i did a no-no and hid the weather station in the store, waiting for the “going out of business” prices to reach 80% off. that day finally arrived. needless to say, the store shelves were bare and here i come to the checkout with this weather station. i think everyone knew that i had it hidden and honestly, they did not care. anyway, i gave this to my son on his 17th birthday. he was totally shocked and loved it. he studied it and learned all about warm and cold fronts. about 6 months later, i drove my son to Alabama to take his first and only ACT test. the test lasted about 4 hours. i saw my son open the door to the church with a smile on his face. his first comment was “I aced the test”. he further stated, “out of all the different test subjects they could have given me, you will never believe the test i was given to take. it was about the weather!. dad, i aced this test and i know it”. sure enough, he did. this is why my son went to Vanderbilt University and transferred to San Diego State to finish his degree. destiny has a place in eveyones life. i saw this myself with my son and his SAT grade. amazing.

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great story! Thanks for sharing.

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When I took the SAT, I guessed randomly and got 1100. As it turns out this was a little higher than the average score from my year. Luckily I went to a liberal arts college college and they did not care much about SAT scores.

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2100 is considered a pretty decent score actually. It totally depends on what college you want to go to. 2100 is a decent score to get into most schools. If you are looking to get into Ivy Leagues, they probably prefer a score above 2300.

Also the math and reading sections are the most important sections in general.

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