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Is there a word or phrase that you consciously, or even unconsciously, avoid saying?

Asked by Val123 (12679points) December 23rd, 2009

I am seriously bummed out today, for a variety of reasons. I mean, it happens sometimes, doy! That’s life! But then I realized I have never, ever said the words, “I am so depressed.” I had to stop and think about it, and I think I never say that because, to me, it implies that what I’m feeling is beyond my control (it isn’t) or that I’m being unreasonably unhappy (I’m not) or…it’s going to hang around for a long time (it isn’t.) Is there something you avoid saying in your life? Maybe to your kids, or your SO?

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I avoid cunt and nigger.

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Those two & the f word. I never use that. Totally slutty, IMO.

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gay… i substitute with whack

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I avoid the obvious (and not so obvious) offensive terms. But I also avoid using “hella” (a NorCal standard) like the plague.

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I have a bad habit of saying, Nigger Rig.

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@jbfletcherfan I’m with you all the way. I have to admit, there have been times I have been so enraged, however, that I’ll blast out with the F word…..but I have to be totally seeing red.
@ChazMaz Ew!!

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“I can’t…” Especially when I really mean “I don’t want to…” or “I won’t…” And if I mean “I don’t know how and I’m scared to try…” I attempt to stop and ask myself if it’s possible and if I want to and go on from there.

This is very new for me, too, so it’s been a bit fitful, but there you go.

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I’m not crazy about the “f” word and don’t use it… Not that I never have, but it’s just not something I like to hear or say. I know people use it all the time, but when I was growing up—at least in my house—my Dad would have gone berserk if we ever said that.

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I don’t think or even subconciously think faggot. I’ve never had the need to say it. I also hate the words cunt and nigger. My friend cusses all the time and I can stand everything except those 2.

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Cunt, fag

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I avoid the word “retarded.” People seem to take, a really big offense to that word, even when they know you aren’t putting people with special disabilities down. I avoid that word, like the plague!

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@jmah – In that order?

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I try never to say “Awesome.” I hate how that lovelyl word, which for me should properly be associated with truly wonderous events like the birth of a baby or the discovery of a giant new planet with water on it, is now uttered non-stop for trivialities. Example: “I got off from work an hour early today.” “Awesome!”

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@ChazMaz Wow.

I don’t say G**damn or fag or any other obviously hurtful words.

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@smashbox That reminds me… I got a call at 11:30 yesterday to beat the HS at noon to take over for a teacher. They didn’t tell me which class, just the teacher’s name. I’ve been subbing for so long that I don’t even get curious as to what I’ll be teaching anymore…English, Math, History, Biology, whatever. Well, I find the classroom, walk in and go, “Whoa! Is this the teacher’s lounge?” Because there were two large round tables with three adults and one kid sitting around eating lunch. Then I spied a refridgerator and an oven and a sink and a washing machine. I’m standing there trying to puzzle this out, and the adults gesture to another room, a class room, beyond.
“This is all ours!” She said.
So I said, “Is this Home Ec?”
The adults look at me curiously and say, “No. It’s the Severely Mentally Retarded kids.” Whoot! Switch gears!! So, yesterday I was a Severely Mentally Retarded teacher. Ahem! But….I do agree with you. I don’t use the word retarded as a description of something that I think is stupid.

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@Facade – I am sorry… :-(

I figure we are adults. If it is any constellation to you. I say it in front of my African American friends. Though that is no excuse.
I am getting better.
Hence the reason why I shared. ;-)

Is, Black Power!!! Ok to say? Because I am not stopping saying that. :-)

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it is what it is – so played!

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@jbfletcherfan I wanted to post a question on it, like, “Have you ever heard of a severely mentally retarded teacher? No? Well, have you ever heard of a math teacher, or an English teacher?” to start a discussion on how using words a certain way can create so much confusion and misunderstanding!

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I second johnpowell’s answer.

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@stratman37 What are you referring to?

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ya know, like “you can’t do anything about it”

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@ChazMaz a new one that I’ve adopted, though: Fucktard.

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I don’t like the word Dude. It sounds lame to me.

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@ChazMaz Black Power is always acceptable :)

@jmah Reminds me of my using “Fucking hell” in the place of “G**damn” lol

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I consciously avoid cursing, if only to preserve its shock value. What do people who curse a lot say for emphasis? I’m not sure. More cursing, maybe.

I also try not to use “like” or “y’know” when talking to people that don’t speak English as a first language. It can, like, y’know, get, like, kinda confusing, if, like, the person you’re talking to, like, litters their sentences with space fillers, y’know? Ouch.

@LC_Beta My friends all went to NorCal for college and slip and say “hella” sometimes. I think if I ever used that word, I would die a little bit inside.

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Aside from the already mentioned words, I avoid LOL like the plague. I hate LOL.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities LOL!!!! (Couldn’t resist!!)

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatfacilities, huh, whay are we jerks?

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities ROFL!!!!!!!
@smashbox Cause we’re teasing him with L’s!

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Oh, I wasn’t teasing him, I just stated a fact, of all the words that can upset someone, geez. Dare I say…lauhging out loud!

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ITT: People saying all the words they claim not to say.

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I try to avoid using the most common of phrases which is used to express love for another.

Even to an extent in which I’ll use long, ridiculous sentences like the one above to sidestep it.

For a couple of reasons: I feel as though I should only use it under certain circumstances, and because I’m not very good at pronouncing those words in that order.

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“My bad.” “Hopfefully” when I mean “I hope.” “Fun’ as an adjective, “impact” as a verb, “Awesome” except when an angel drops in, “cool,” “lame,” and “dude,”

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@gailcalled I second ‘my bad’. What kind of language is that??!! It’s dumb.

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Oh no. I say that. My bad. Sorry!

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LOLLLLLL…sorry, Val. I love you anyway. :-)

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@jbfletcherfan Well, I am glad!! :)

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I avoid saying “I hate” this or that and so and so, when I know I’m simply exaggerating out of habit.
The same habit I have when I say:
“No offense, With all due respect, Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not being rude, I don’t mean to offend, etc..”
(When I know I mean the opposite) Most of the time, if I have to preclude my statement with any of those words, I actually do mean what I’m saying and know exactly the effect it will have.

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pussy, cunt, gay, nigger, dude, bro.

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Sounds like someone got laid. ;-)

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Yes dear.

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I try to stay away from saying, “I can’t” and “it will never happen”. I feel if I start saying these phrases then I am putting the thought out there that it is impossible. I try to live by the impossible can be possible.

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@Chikipi That’s right. You can speak it into existence….
@deni and @ChazMaz Now Now people! No getting off-topic in one of my questions! You know how I hate that!!

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Depends on who I’m around as to what I avoid… there are some people I’m around and I don’t have to avoid a single word, then there are others I have to choose which words to substitute with more appropriate words =P

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Everything @deni said as well as “fag” – those words never cross my mind and I would be disturbed if they did.

I have a strong dislike for the word “turd.”

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I hate the word “Fart.” I did not allow it when my kids were little. Once, when I was running a daycare that had a four year duration, one of the daycare kids came running up to me tattling “Chris(my son, who was 4 at the time) Chris said the “F” word!!!”
“NO!” I said, like I was shocked…...but couldn’t help myself, and whispered, “What is the “F” word??”
FART!” the kid whispered loudly in my ear!!
Chris got time out.

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@Val123 my apologies madame O:-)

i also hate the word fag. COCK, too. i could never be a porn star. “dick” is okay.

@Supacase “I have a strong dislike for the word “turd.”” HAHAHHA

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To be honest, I avoid most swear words when around my mum or parents in law, NEVER ever in front of the kids or grand-kids, They are just not necessary. With some people I do swear though, some people I’ve met cant string more than 3 or 4 words together without at least one swearie, but I dont like using the “C” word – I prefer to use my worldly ways and get through a conversation without swearing. I have been known to utter the odd F word when stubbing my toe or hitting my thumb with a hammer though. Or my head – I did that once, was under a kitchen counter trying to fix this panel in the back and trying to put a few panel pins in, because of the confined space I accidently swung and bonk! right on my own head with the hammer, “Oh gosh, gee, golly” I said! yea right – I was swearing like a swearie beastie! lol)

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Some people intersperse their speech with “you know…”. I carefully avoid that. Many years of military service have caused me to dislike the overused word “outstanding”.

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Here in Scotland (and elsewhere I’ll bet) theres a completely over used expression “at the end of the day…..blah dee blah dee blah” I no like it.
And in England -london is where I heard it is “You git me? at the end of every sentence or, “you know what I’m saying…...... GRRRR.

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They say, “You git me?” in LONDON???? That is so rural Kansas! Along with “Git ‘er done!”

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Reading back over this post…

I like all those words and expressions. They make me laugh! :-)

There is just a proper time and a place to use them.

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“Just return it when you are done using it” and….“pay me back anytime.”

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I just remembered something else I avoid saying…............very conciously!
“It’s My Round…..”

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I spent too much time on the bus that went past sorority row for three years of college. I sat there for the ride to school one day and listened in on a conversation going on in front of me… started tallying up “like“s and “OMG“s… it was something like 46 “like“s and 22 “OMG“s in a very short time that I was counting.

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Like, I know, man. (That’s crazy!)

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