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Have you ever worked with someone who has an anger problem?

Asked by Shemarq (1494points) December 23rd, 2009

To elaborate, when or if you have worked with someone like this, how did you deal with it? Was it tolerated by management? Did you feel safe or scared working around them?

This is an example of someone like this.

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I got a bad link

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OMG Shemarq .. I love that video. No, thankfully, I have never worked with anyone even close to that guy.

I would hope that wouldn’t be tolerated by anyone!

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@smashbox It might be because I’m in Firefox. Does clicking on this work better?


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@JustPlainBarb I worked with someone like that once – he worked in the warehouse. After we fired him, we were watching constantly to make sure he didn’t come back. He scared the hell out of us.

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@Shemarq Wow. That would make the day even more challenging to say the least!

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@Shemarg, thanks, it worked.

No, I can’t say I have ever worked with anyone like that, Now, what did he think he was going to accomplish, acting like that.! I’ve worked with some, who had anger issues, but not to the point of picking up someones property, and trying to destroy it.

I bookmarked that, and next time someone, ever tells me I have anger issues, I’ll show them that clip, and that will make them shut up! LOL

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Yes, I’ve had the misfortune to work with someone like that. It was like working with high explosives. I stuck it out for awhile then decided I’d had enough. In the end I’d sit and stare at the person tsk tsking like a disapproving mommy until they could no longer meet my eye.

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All the time, we are quite close, actually. In fact, he is Fluthering as I speak.

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Oh man! The minute he picked up that toner I wanted to yell “DON’T DO IT!!!!”

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Yes, but never like that. Hilarious

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My boss. He has temper tantrums – throws things, breaks things, slams things around. Yesterday, a client fedex’ed a box of “designer” cookies to him. I put the box on the floor in front of his office door. He came in mad about something, and kicked the box of cookies into the filing cabinet – where it burst open and cookies crumbs went everywhere. The mess is still there.

He has slammed phone receivers down so hard they break if he gets a busy signal. He threw the fax machine against the wall once when he dialed the wrong number and his fax didn’t go through. He yanked the coffee maker out of the wall and threw it in the dumpster once because it wasn’t brewing fast enough to suit him.

I have worked for him for six years. When he starts this crap, I ignore him. When he involves me, in any way – verbal or coming into my workspace, I get up, gather up my stuff and go home. I always turn in 8 hours for that day, and he always pays me.

It’s his wife I feel sorry for.

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@Eureka Geezz… you ever worry that…he’s gonna snap one day? Really snap?

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Well,that’s the thing. He used to try to intimidate me. Once, he can roaring out of his office – face beet red, screaming at the top of his lungs. His wife used to be my boss ( He fired her, and I am now doing her job), and that used to scare her.

Anyway, when he did that, I stood up and kicked my chair back and just stared him down. He flinched, and took a step back. I knew right then I had him. He’s a bully, and the way to get to bullies is to back them down.

I often look at him though, while he is throwing his hissy fits, and try to decide if he falls out from a heart attack if I will give him CPR or just let him lay there! (just kidding)

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Fortunately, I never worked for anyone with serious anger control issues. I would not have stayed there long. My mental health and quality of life are worth more than any job!

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@Eureka How can you stay there??

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Makin’ copies!

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@Eureka I definitely can sympathize with you. I worked for a jackass like that for a couple years. He would come in to the office in the morning in one of his “moods”, and would do things like throw something on my desk that he wanted me to work on, but would do it so hard that it would knock things off. Because I sat closest to him and worked closest with him out of everyone I got the brunt of it. I ended up transferring to another department and he still tried to harass me even then! It was like a control thing. I ended up reporting him to HR and informed them that it was good I was thick skinned, because he was a lawsuit waiting to happen. The person that he hired to replace me ran up to my office in tears after a week. We took another trip to HR. He was demoted, then let go shortly after that.

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a few times when I was younger and somehow felt obligated to put up with it. I’m 50 now which is, in my opinion, way too old to put up with that kind of mess. there will be a brutal punching fight if it comes my way anymore. What’s that they say about being long in the teeth and gray in the face? I’m self employed now anyway so it is highly unlikely that situation could happen. Nobody deserves to live with behavior like that ever.

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Yes, I flew with an airline captain who had a big time anger problem. He once opened the cockpit window while on the ground, and double flipped off a British Air crew who he thought cut him off. They reported him, and he had to go to anger management counseling. Even little things would set him off all the time (such as a two minute delay) and the veins would stand out on his temple as sweat dripped down from his forehead. I absolutely HATED flying with him! He even shoved a second officer once when we had a problem on the ground, and when the shock wore off the SO, I thought I was going to have to break up a fight! His only saving grace was that he is a very good pilot, but he obviously had very poor crew coordination skills. We also had a different captain and first officer who once got into a shouting match, and the passengers could hear. They both were also suspended and had to go to anger management counseling.

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@Tveg….What made him a good piglet? I mean pilot? Damn spell check suggestions…

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He had good stick and rudder skills…kept good control of the airplane (always in a hurry, though). He was rarely playing catch up. Good situational awareness.

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@Tveg LOL!! First Q I’ve looked at today, and for a moment I thought the gal who had the horrible office boss was replying with “He had good stick and rudder skills.” I was like WHAT???? till I read on! ROFL! Oh man. Time to wake up!

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Too funny! That even beats what made him a good piglet!

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@Tveg and @Val123 I did have a boss once who was a pig(let) and I had no desire to find out what his stick and rudder skills were . . . ewwww!!!!

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@Shemarq Oh dear! I’ve created a monster!

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Dont blame your co-workers for your rage. Shemarq, if you ever need to talk out your extreme hatred for people give me a shout:) I will take the verbal beating!! Dont take it out on those poor people:) JK Shemarq!! Merry Christmas!! See you later, Hater!!:)

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@Shemarq Merry Christmas…. :)

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@Sir_Mikey LMAO!!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
@Val123 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!

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