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I need to find a small & shallow refrigerator... any one got ideas?

Asked by scruffpuff (182points) December 23rd, 2009

My girlfriend’s refrigerator is from the 1960s and fits inside of this little alcove behind a sliding door. The current fridge dimensions are 27.5(width) x 61(height) x 28.5(depth). You could maybe get away with half an inch more in depth if the handle didn’t stick out and maybe a few more inches in height too. The width is pretty much filling the space. I’m trying to google based on dimensions but not having very good results so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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College campuses are probably the best source of small fridges around. You could put an ad in a college paper or just walk around a campus around May when classes are over. You can usually find people trying to get rid of fridges.

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Yes and it’s, apparently made by Eskimos

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Danby Apartment Size Refrigerator Size is 23 5/8×24 9/16×58 13/16 and it’s 11 cubic feet.

Google Apartment size refrigerator, there are other brands as well.

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I think you’ll find a lot of shallow refrigerators hanging out on one of those Bay Watch beaches. I don’t know why you’d want one, though. I think one of those brainy refrigerators from the Uni would be a much better deal.

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Take mine. :’(

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did you look under the frizzer?

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Hoo boy, @SeventhSense! That’s a find, all right.

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If you can’t find it on a college campus around May, which is an excellent suggestion, then I would contact your local city hall and ask them which day is their annual spring clean up day. Most towns have them. These are one day or week of the year, usually in spring, when all heavy items, like fridges, mini or otherwise, washers, dryers, misc. furniture, etc, are hauled away free of charge. Many of these appliances still work. If you know the date it’ll happen, you can show up the night before and early the next morning pounding the streets keeping your eye peeled for your mini fridge. You may find yourself surprised at what people throw away and will possibly find yourself coming home with more than just a fridge.

Just a suggestion,

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