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How do I improve my sex drive?

Asked by young_mommy21 (12points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone

after my daughters birth I totally lost any feeling for sex. I also take birth control. What can I do to help?

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exercise, alot of women I know that do say it makes there sex drive go way up :)

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exercise and a lot of seafood.

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feel good about yourself is number one. lots of mothers lose interest in sex. if you eat right and get exercise and feel good about you then you should be ok. AND get sleep. no one wants sex when they are tired. maybe plan REAL date nights like dinner out or something while a family member babysits. i doubt birth control pills affect your drive.

and maybe you need to mix it up with porn. or just ease into it like make out sessions without full sex. as if you are a teenager etc. i dont think you are that unusual. if you have a good drive before the baby i am sure it will come back.

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Weight-bearing exercise increases testosterone production (even in women), which, unless I’m mistaken, increases sex drive. I read that somewhere, and I’m afraid I can’t provide a reference. It’s worth a shot, I guess.

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It could be that you are suffering from postpartum depression and that your hormones are out of balance. See your physician and ask about possible treatments.

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Sometimes birth control can also affect your sex drive! Chat with your ob/gyn about your lack of sex might help to switch to another type of hormonal bc, or to stop using a hormonal method altogether.

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Exercise. Fantasize.

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Does seafood really affect that?

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