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How do stray dogs and cats survive in frigid temperatures?

Asked by jca (36043points) December 23rd, 2009

i know they have fur coats, but how do they sleep when it’s like 10 degrees out? how do they get water when it would be frozen?

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I’ve heard that cats and other small animals sometimes go up under a recently-driven car where it’s warm, but I know they don’t stay warm too long.

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If I was a stray dog I’d eat all the stray cats.

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Many times they DON’T survive…. the elements of winter .

However; if you watch a dog; it will curl up and use it’s own body heat the best that it can .

It is sad that people turn animals loose to fend for themselves ; but there are many cruel and heartless people in this world….

The best way to help , if you want ; is to donate to the local RESCUE groups… they need to be commended for their efforts .

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They wear fur coats.


Like other warm-blooded creatures, they cannot survive for long in freezing cold temperatures. They’re better equipped than human beings, with their fur, but they must be kept indoors throughout winter, or in an insulated, heated doghouse.

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@Likeradar My sister lived out on a farm. One wintery morning, she went out to start her big pickup truck and BLUBblubduggaduggadugga….screeeeeeeeeeech and the engine quit. Opened the hood and witnessed what she described as fur and pepperoni pizza all over the engine. Neighbor’s cat.

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@SirGoofy OMG, that’s horrible. I guess it’s true that you should tap the horn in the winter before starting the engine. :(

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I think that stray ferile cats cope very well and adapt to the cold winters.On the other hand, I think a domesticated family cat would find it hard to survive at first,but their instinct for survival would tell them to find somewhere to shelter,and where to find a good source of food.

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Their instincts will tell them how to avoid wind chill. And they can find (partly) covered places retaining some of their body warmth. Although they are the domesticated versions of wolves and wild cats some of their prowess is still there.

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