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Can you consume alcohol in the back of a slide-in camper?

Asked by shadowfelldown (386points) December 23rd, 2009

I am about to embark on my annual family road trip to my relatives in Illinois. we are driving out there in the back of a slide-in pickup truck camper. My father is going to be driving, and seeing as My three siblings and myself are of age, we were wondering whether we could partake in alcoholic libations while in transit.
I have heard various things as far as drinking in an RV is concerned, but I am not sure whether there is a distinction made between an RV and a slide in camper. I know that as far as seat belt laws are concerned, they are treated slightly different than either an RV or a passenger vehicle.
I understand that this sort of thing varys by state so I am trying to gather info on each state we are passing through
NY: no clue
PA: no clue
IN: Driver only open container laws… so heck yeah.
IL: designated as a mobile home, so maybe

Is there anyone out there that can help me make this year an exceptionally merry Christmas?

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I’d suggest that you call AAA and they will know all of the laws and regulations for all of the states…

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Good idea.

However, don’t accidentally call AA unless you want a completely biased answer.

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If the driver can reach the passengers in back, then I would say no to all except Indiana, where I believe even the driver is allowed some leeway if he has police relatives.

If the driver is separated from the camper section, I would imagine you are good to go all the way through.

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Agree with @HighShaman , every state has different laws, many radically different. AAA could assist you with this.

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(I live in Illinois)

you are safe as long as the beer cannot be accessed by the driver.

You cannot have a window that opens between the cab and the back, you cannot have an open container within reach of the driver (includes empties)

Everyone must have and wear a seat belt while the vehicle is in motion, that is a problem with most campers.

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In the state of Montana it is illegal to have an “open container” of alcohol. Even in the trunk and/or the truck bed. ( with or without a camper) Here in Montana you can actually get a fine for having EMPTY beer cans anywhere in the vehicle.

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@NUNYA Uh… Ya think that has something to do with them being full at some point and not being full any more?

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@avvooooooo I think it is because I could claiming it was an “old” beer can/bottle, whiskey bottle etc. So they just made it the law that there could be no alcoholic containers in the vehicle, empty or not empty.

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@NUNYA I hope they made and exception for garbage trucks, or every one of them could be ticketed just about every day.

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