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What's with all the wedding dress questions?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12532points) December 23rd, 2009

I’ve never seen so many! There have been at least 4 in the last week!

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Recession, everyone’s quickly tying the knot!

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You didn’t hear? eponymous moved to Utah. ;)

There may be an influx of brides due to the holiday?

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Perhaps there’s a lot of young women who think they’re getting engaged over Christmas?

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[mod says] Very persistent spam ring…

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the hope of romance…..


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I haven’t seen any.

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They’ve all been removed.

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I asked because I need to throw my sister’s wedding together in two weeks! Seems she’s getting married sooner than we thought.

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My friend who wrote a book about weddings told me that more people get engaged between Thanksgiving – New Years than any other time of the year.

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@occ: Interesting! My boyfriend asked me my ring size about a week ago…

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@shilolo So that explains why I have no idea what this question is talking about.

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@timothykinney @La_chica_gomela Maybe we can have Fluther marriage proposal, take 2? Just saying…

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@timothykinney re @shilolo‘s comment: Maybe not.

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@shilolo and @La_chica_gomela, I have a suspicion that Chica way prefers to be asked in some more-romantic-and-traditional manner. I’m also guessing she’s not all about the “wait, let me update my facebook relationship status” during the wedding.

But, hell, what do I know?

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@timothykinney You mean like flashing on a giant scoreboard at a sporting event? That would be cool too…

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the style color of the wedding dress is also related to this

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