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I miss someone what do i do?

Asked by kp369 (21points) December 24th, 2009

I miss someone a lot I cant stop thinking about them I just started dating them and I miss them a lot they cant call me or text me. So what do I do?

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Well, Missing them is a good thing, it shows you have feeling for them, Missing someone at the start of of “dating” is totally natural.
As to what you should do…...... you say they cant call or txt you, can you call or txt them? Cant you email them? How long are you going to be apart, if it’s a fairly short time, you can focus on meeting with them again and look forward to the hugs and kisses.
If it’s going to be a long time, you can maybe write to them, using good ole pen and paper. If theres other circumstances preventing contact…...........Well difficult to comment without knowing, to be honest.
Just know though, missing someone is perfectly normal and sometimes necessary for a relationship to flourish in times when seperation is unavoidable.
Hopefully you’ll see them soon!

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Well i’ll see him soon but i might move also and i really like him

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Patience is its own reward. Perhaps use the time to write him a story or a letter.

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If you are possibly moving, (I guess you mean moving house ) does he know this? how close are you? (rhetorical questions really)
If you have started a new relationship with someone and you are thinking of moving, he deserves to know, but reading between the lines here…........ I’m wondering if theres something else going on, I mean no txts? no calls?
Dont wanna pry so Will say @PandoraBoxx is right. Patience – it’s all you have by the sound of it. And a letter is a great idea, even if you never pass it to him, it might help you feel better.

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Are you sure that the “can’t text or call” isn’t some kind of a brush off? Sometimes our emotions and hormones can blind us to reality.

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Smile…the best is yet to come.

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He can’t call or text you? you did not tell us why. like the old saying goes, “where there is a will, there is a way”. if i were this person and in love with you, wild horses could not keep me from contacting you. they still have payphones, if he does not have a cellphone. is he is prison? they even allow cellphones in prisons. have you left out something in your question?

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Keep busy.That’s what you do.:)

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Tell them or move on!

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Wake their ass up and strike up a conversation with them.

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Why, doesn’t he miss the rest of um too?

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