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Why does my iPhone lose service when I get home after work?

Asked by Axemusica (9477points) December 24th, 2009

I work about 50 miles from where I live. My iPhone is un-jailbroken and is locked. For iPhone n00bs, it’s just a normal iPhone 3G you’d get from the Apple store or AT&T.

It’s like clock work. I get off of work with 3G coverage. I drive home and get home to find, no coverage until I restart the iPhone. I have service once it’s been restarted, but whenever I arrive home from work in the morning, there’s no service. I’ve even tried leaving it that way to see if it comes back later, but it doesn’t.

Any ideas?

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maybe your wife or g/f is behind it :s
merry xmas :D

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it’s because you’re done working

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Instead of restarting the phone next time, try turning on (and then back off) airplane mode and see if that works as a temp fix?

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Sounds like what’s happening is your phone isn’t automatically switching between towers. When you leave work you get out of reach of the tower you were using before, at which point the phone should automatically connect to the closest tower – but your phone isn’t doing that until you force it to by turning it off and back on.

Call AT&T, they may be able to fix some provisioning in your account for you to make it work.

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I’m with @stemnyjones on this one, but considering the overall quality of the AT&T network, I really wouldn’t hold my breath on them being willing and/or able to fix it.

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@jerv He may get bounced back and forth between AT&T and Apple a few times, but once you get it through technical support’s thick skulls that it’s a problem with AT&T’s network, they should be able to fix it.

I work at an AT&T call center, not in tech but I have friends who do… I know there’s a way to fix it, you just have to find the right person, and if they can’t help you speak to their supervisor.

Definitely don’t go into a store, though. Store agents are more retarded than most customer service reps.

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@eeveegurl I will try that.

@stemnyjones Well, I have an upgrade coming in feb so if I get a new iPhone then I’ll have them check into it, lol.

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@Axemusica It sounds like the network, not the phone… so even if you get a different phone, you might have the same problem. Just warning you.

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@stemnyjones I know, that would eliminate the back and forth mumbo jumbo between ATT and apple. So I could tell ATT, “Look get your head out of your ass and fix my shit!” lol

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@eeveegurl the airplane mode thing does work. It’s funny though, since I never really utilized the airplane mode deal-E-O I never noticed that when you turn it off it looks like the plane takes off or flies away, lol.

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glad it helped! happens to me every once in a while, and I use enable/disable airplane mode to get reception instead of turning it off/on. Much easier.


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It’s because your service is AT&T!!! Don’t worry mine is too :/

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@mrrich724 “AT&T” and “service” in the same sentence? Did you forget the </sarcasm> tag? :D

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