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My daughter needs a QUICK fix of home remedies for her skin!

Asked by mollypop51797 (1425points) December 24th, 2009

My daughter suffers from acne. It started for her at the age of 11. Her face has serious acne. We have tried many things, Proactiv, Neutrogena, and prescriptions, and gel. She has a big Christmas Eve party tomorrow, and these products are more long term types for her face. Her acne gets so bad that she sometimes can’t even go out in public (Christmas Eve party), WE need a fast acting “cure”, or something just enough to get those pimples a little smaller. Also, we don’t have a lot of time, so something fast, and possibly a home remedy would be super helpful. Thanks so much!

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type into google “home remedies for acne” there are a lot of great sites. try toothpaste

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Well, first of all, there is no real “quick fix” for acne. Believe me, I’ve dealt with it since middle school and tried quite a few products too. But I’ll do my best to make some suggestions. Here are a couple things I’ve heard (and tried) that tend to work.

One: an Aspirin mask. You take a couple un-coated tablets of regular strength aspirin, mix in some honey, and apply to your face. It’s a strong solution that your skin will build up a tolerance for, so you can only use it really once a week. Here’s a video with more specifics about it.

Secondly, and I just kind of randomly figured this out, but Purell Deep Cleaning wipes seem to get rid of acne as well. I was going to a convention one weekend and my acne was flaring up, and I happened to find a packet of wipes. I rubbed it around the breakout areas (being careful to avoid my eyes and mouth) before I went to bed, and the next day I noticed my breakouts seemed much smaller. Within the next few days my skin cleared up even more. Again, like the aspirin mask, I would NOT use this every day, as I can imagine it would dry up your skin pretty badly. The effects of using the wipes once seemed to last for about a week before the breakouts started again.

Unfortunately, you’re starting a little late in the game for your daughter’s skin to look better by Christmas eve. But hopefully these will help. If not, you can always use concealer and foundation to help minimize the appearance of her acne.

Good luck, and I hope your daughter has fun at her party!

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Not a high speed fix, but perhaps good news for the future: Apple Cider Vinegar
You can also find out more on this by looking here .
Good luck with it.

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I’d be careful with what @ParaParaYukiko suggested about the honey/aspirin mask.

Yes, it’ll work – honey has a natural peroxide in it, and aspirin will take care of the swelling.

However, if your daughter has any sort of blood condition, or if she takes any medication that reacts badly with aspirin – do not do this. The skin will absorb the aspirin.

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My girlfriend is an esthetician, and though I’ve never had skin problems (so I can’t speak first hand) she seems to have an extremely high success rate and an incredibly loyal following. You can check out her profile on yelp here:

As she’s told me many many many times, the best way to reduce the inflammation is going to be ice. She should ice her face a few times a day and that should help some. She can also take zinc, in particular Opti-Zinc, which is a special brand of zinc to help reduce inflammation. If you’d like you can email her and just mention that I wrote to you on Fluther, she can give you better advice than I can.

For a more long term approach your daughter should consider what kind of products she’s using now (makeups, soaps and even shampoos and things like that) as well as what she is eating. Based on what I’ve overheard, many women intake way too much soy in their diets and soy contains a form of estrogen which may be affecting your daughter’s hormones. Also things like dairy, sugars and even shellfish can exacerbate the inflammation.

You should send my girlfriend an email, she actually just asked me to tell you that. She can advise you guys better. :)

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sometimes we overlook the obvious, has she tried cutting the junk from her diet?

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Thank you so much everyone, going into diet, does bread make you break out? I have heard it somewhere, but is it accurate?

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Two of the biggest offenders for making one break out are candy and soda pop .

Also; she needs to wash with warm water very good and twice a day…. then rinse in cool water to close the pores as dirt can get into open pores and cause skin to break out….

Then; as a back up ; she might try something like Proactive for her skin whre it breaks out…

Best of luck !

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It’s my understanding that Proactive doesn’t work that well. In fact a lot of acne creams and lotions, etc contain, I think the term is comutagenic ingredients, at least that’s what it sounds like phonetically when my girlfriend says it.

I’m not sure about the effect that bread might have on one’s skin, but I know that sugars are known to increase inflammation and carbohydrates and sugars are closely related.

But diet can play a very big part in the treatment process and what Kim (my gf) has her patients do is cut down their diet to the bare essentials until they have the breakouts controlled. Once that’s done they can start adding foods back in to see what, if anything, might be causing the problem.

Can’t go wrong with whole veggies though so those are safe :) As far as meats go, probably stick to things which are organic and or free range so they’re not all jacked up on antibiotics and (most importantly) hormones. Keep in mind that a lot of major brand meats are full of hormones (chickens do not grow that big people) and those hormones don’t magically disappear when we eat them.

If you want bread in your diet I would stick to whole grain but maybe try a non-wheat alternative? I’m sure there are bread substitutes for people with celiac disease.

Cheese and dairy are a big no-no, so stay away from those.

Anyone with questions should just email Kim. She’s a cool chick and way more knowledgeable than me: Also if you live in Nor-Cal and can get to SF she bumps younger people to the front of her wait list so she can treat them before major scarring and stuff like that sets in. Otherwise I know she has a pamphlet of do’s and don’t that she wrote and she ships product all over the place if you need it.

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