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If jesus rose from the dead, is he a Zombie?

Asked by RomanRealtors (115points) December 24th, 2009

zombi: a dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural force

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Only if he eats brains, that is what truly makes one a zombie.

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Yes. And he’s eaten a lot of brains since.

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At the time, its not what the script called for.

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He’s a magical flying psychic space zombie, to be precise.

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As I understand it Zombies require a decaying body, after 2000 years it is dust

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his followers eat his flash and drink his blood sounds like a zombie cult to me

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Was he corporeal when he rose? Or in spirit form? I was never clear on that.

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@mrentropy He returned to corporeal form assuming you believe the story.

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If he’s jamming with Colin Blunstone, Rod Argent, Chris White, and Hugh Grundy he most certainly is.

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Zombies are, in a way, a species under the genus Undead, and Jesus is most certainly undead. He would either have to be a ghost, a vampire, a lich, or a form of animated biomass. The only thing that makes sense is animated biomass.
So basically, yes, Jesus is a zombie.

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Whose brain would Jesus snack on?

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@AustinusMaximus you forgot jedi because well he flies he can move stuff with his mind etc.

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@coolbeans I figured magic and psychic would cover, but hell throw Jedi in too, not like it’ll make it any less absurd.

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I would have to say yes

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He is a symbol of re-birth. To be “born again” is to die to the past, start anew.

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To put it simply, yes.

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no, He’s not a blood sucker w/fangs. Or is that something else? Dracula. I can’t think of the definition of zombie

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