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Is it standard for an application for an apartment to ask for your bank account numbers?

Asked by row4food (3039points) February 27th, 2008

I am about to fill out an application for an apartment and I notice that it asks for my bank account numbers… just wondering if it’s standard procedure. (i have to drop it off before work tomorrow)

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I have lived in a lot of apartments and they never asked for a bank account number. Its probably not shady though, they will just take it out monthly.

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I would ask why they need it.

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it is likely part of the CREDIT check. i dont know if you MUST give your SSN in the USA but never give it unless you must be law! its the most important piece of info on your that someone can acquire. seems like most rental agreements require the banking info. course you could always set it up as is and then close the account if it bothers you that much.

Since time is always of the essence in such demanding market, we want to make sure you do not miss out on a great deal. We will advise you on all required paperwork. The documentation and paperwork must be in order so that the landlord or management can approve you for the apartment you have chosen. We recommend that you prepare as much as possible prior to locating your apartment so you can be ready, should the need arise to react quickly. To achieve the successful completion of your search the following list will help you prepare:

Bank Statements
A copy of the three most recent statements from checking, savings, stock accounts or any other financial institution is acceptable. You should have the backup detail sheets ready in the event they are requested.

Note: Most application forms (first item on this list) require banking information

San Francisco Bay Area Apartment Rentals ad prooperty Management…Banking Information. * Bank Name:. * Checking Acct. #:. * Savings Acct. #:. Will you be requesting a co-signer? No, Yes. If so, an application for the

Banking Information

* Bank Name:
* Checking Acct. #:
* Savings Acct. #:
Will you be requesting a co-signer? No Yes
If so, an application for the co-signer must also be filled out completely.
Banking Information:
Bank Name: Account Type:
Bank Name: Account Type:

Bank name & location: ________________________________________________
Type of account(s): __________________________________________________
Credit Card(s): ______________________________________________________

4.) Have you ever had a rent check returned because of insufficient
funds in your account? _____
5.) Have you ever failed to pay a credit card debt or loan? __________
Please explain any “Yes” answers to 4.) or 5.) _______________________
What amount of rent will be paid:
by you? ________________________ by your parents? ____________________
by financial aid? ______________ other? ______________________________

5. I have read the application form and it requests credit or banking information. Do I have to supply my credit/bank account numbers?
No. We only ask for the following information:
Credit: i.e.: savings, bank account, credit card, bank loan
Type Acct: i.e.: Citibank, First USA, BB&T
Location: i.e.: 100 Citibank Drive NY NY Zip

Banking Information (Statement, Checkbook or Debit Card)

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Yes they use it in there credit checking.

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