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What is the health care like in Thailand?

Asked by MrBr00ks (1737points) December 24th, 2009

My Uncle Bobby has lived in Thailand for over 30 years. Today, my mom gets a call from either her sis or mom that my Uncle Bobby just had a massive heart attack and is in critical condition. My grandma is flying over there right now. I just need to know what their health care is like so I can tell my mom something positive to calm her down. Any ideas? Thank you for your time.
Here’s to hoping this doesn’t get modded.

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Better than here. That’s why Americans and Europeans fly to Thailand to get treated. It’s cheaper, the expertise and equipment is just as good. And the women are hot.

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My uncle lived in South Asia he claims the quality of health care depends on the ability of the person to pay otherwise your SOL he claims it is not uncommon nor illegal for a indigent individual to be placed on a stretcher outside of a hospital to die !

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that’s nice.

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I lived a short time in Thailand in the 90s and found the health care system there to be first rate. Of course, I had a good job and insurance. If your uncle is able to pay for his care, he will get excellent help.

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Like most third-world countries, pretty good care if you have the money. Go die in the gutter if you don’t.

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Sounds a bit like the U.S., @stranger_in_a_strange_land. ;)

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I would rather go to a hospital in Thailand in many cases. I had insurance in Thailand but even if you don’t it’s still cheap. You can pay $25 usd to see a doctor and get meds at quality emergency room hospital in Bangkok.

So don’t worry ;-)

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