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How long does the visa process take?

Asked by asteraceae (20points) December 24th, 2009

I have an appointment at the French consulate general in Los Angeles on the 30th of December. Their website says that for US citizens, the visa process takes 10 days. I’m assuming 10 that’s business days.

So does that mean that I can pick up my visa (if it’s approved) at the end of their public hours on the 10th day?

I would ask them, only I can’t figure out their website. :(

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It depends. When ever I apply for a visa from England to Australia, its meant to take a few weeks, but I normally get it in a couple days to a week at most.

So I’m guessing it would be the same for other countrys. And yes they would be quoting business days.

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Good luck. They are French. They will get around to your visa after the wine, after several meals, and when they damn well please.

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It depends. My experience is about twenty days as opposed to Discover. They give me a thirty day grace period, as well as 1% cash back!

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@AstroChuck But she is trying to get her Visa back from a Frenchman. It could take a while. I suppose she is using the Discover in the mean time.

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My sister just applied for her visa at the French consulate in Chicago. Hers was mailed to her 2 days later. You don’t usually have to go back for it; however you do have to pay for the postage to mail it to yourself.

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@zephyr826 Thanks! What kind of visa did she apply for, if you don’t mind me asking?

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A student visa – she’ll be there for 5 months.

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