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Has the lurve gotten out of hand?

Asked by trumi (6476points) December 24th, 2009

I’m all for lurve, and sharing the lurve, and lurving everyone… But has it gone a little overboard?

I remember joining and thinking “Wow, Gail has like, thousands of lurve! That’s crazy!” Then, about 1 year ago, Gail, Marina, AstroChuck, and a few others were just starting to reach 10000. Since then, the lurve has increased exponentially. Users reach 1000 lurve after a week of use, people I’ve never heard of are way beyond my level of lurvitude… has it gone a little nuts?

I obviously haven’t been fluthering as much as I should, and by the time I see a GQ it has like 378 answers, so maybe it’s my fault… I just feel a little lost in the lurvacity. I think I’ve earned my lurve, and I’m not complaining about the level of lurve I’ve obtained. I’m not trying to take away from the well-earned lurve of others either, I’m just asking. I’m not attacking, I swear. I’m a lurveful guy!

What do you think? Is it because I’m not using as much, or simply because the site is growing? For new users who are gobbling up lurve like anteaters: Do you think getting lurve is easy or difficult? To the 20k Club members: Do you think 100k is summoning you?

I often still feel like a newer flutherer (not part of the old gang), but as I look around I see that I’ve been here a while… Am I just getting old?

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You can only give so much to a user. The influx of new users gives people a bunch more.

The system is flawed but they know about the problems. It was stop-gap to prevent lurve parties from a single user.

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Getting lurve seems easy to me..I’ve been here 11 days and have over 1300. But maybe I am giving quality answers? Who knows. I never think lurve is a bad thing, if you got it, why not spread it around? I only use my lurve for answers and questions I find to be exceptionally great…but I can’t control how others use their lurve.

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At first a site only has a few regulars. They will be the first to reach the Big Lurve milestones. And then a couple handfuls more join, and they will be the next, slightly larger, wave of milestones.

By the time a site catches on, you have a decent number of people joining each month. In due time, each “graduating class” of people will hit milestones that only a few have hit before. (When I hit my 10K, I think 2 or 3 others hit theirs within the same 24 hours.) In other words, is it that too many people get too much lurve, or is it just that everyone gets lurve at a pretty standard rate (assuming they Fluther regularly) which will progress naturally to reaching the 10 K, just as people did when there were only a few?

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@Freedom_Issues It’s easy when you first start, try getting lurve after everyone has maxed out on you. It’s a lot harder.

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WHY! in the world would that bother you at any level ? Are you afraid it might put you in a higher tax bracket ?

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It seems that many on here live and lurve to serve. Not that I care, this place is like a strip club…I come to watch the boobs flop around, not to take them home with me.

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@J0E yeah people have warned me about that

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One instance where it really is abused is where you congrat. someone on reaching 10K and every Tom, Dick and Harry comes in and piles on the lurve. I don’t deserve that.

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@stratman37 yeah I got the Jules Verne award just for saying congrats

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For the first 11 months of having a Fluther account I racked up around 800-something. Suddenly, it’s about one month later and I’m past 1000. This is extraordinarily odd for me, as I’m much more of a lurker than a question asker/answerer. I’m not really complaining, except that I do find it a bit excessive sometimes; for example, I was recently lurved for a completely ordinary reply. I’m going to consider that one a mistake. Kind of made me less excited than I usually am though.

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New users tend to get lots of “welcome lurve”, provided they look like good potential citizens I wonder how many of them are doing the math in their heads and thinking they’ll reach the 10K club in a month or so.

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nope nope nope..there can never be too much

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Someone play Santa, and give me some lurve.:)

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Many of us came on here singly, and it took us a long while to reach even a modest first milestone like 1000. Just recently, a large number of people joined together, and I think they did a lot of high-fiving each other, causing newcomers’ numbers to rise unusually rapidly. But sooner or later they all max out on each other (we all max out on each other), and so the rate drops way off. In time it evens out.

There’s a lot of variance among individuals, though, some of it having to do with how much time they spend here. In the long run it really doesn’t mean anything, so there’s no fault or deficiency or state of being “behind” for you to worry about. It’s nice to receive lurve, but it’s not anything to spend energy thinking about.

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what’s lurve?

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@patg7590 You currently have 4213 !

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But the cool kids at school told me that if I got lots of lurve that I could hang out with them and smoke and stuff.

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When I first joined it seemed like a meaningful metric to determine somebody’s level of expertise. Then I started think of it as a metric of individual longevity. Now I’m fairly convinced that except at the very highest levels, the 6 or so 20k plus people, it doesn’t really measure anything at all.

Answers that I have given that I think were genuinely helpful and displayed real knowledge are ignored, snide remarks I make are showered with lurve. My conclusion: It don’ mean sheeit.

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@pdworkin I am sure I’ve never seen you make a snide remark once.

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i’ve been heer pretty long, but i don’t get a lot of lurve although i answer quite a lot of questions but…just usefull questions, and those are rare lately, i’m sure that if i’d answer every “would you rather be black or unemployed?” question i’d get in the 10K club in no time

fck fluther…

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I find myself somewhat perturbed by the obscene amount of lurve that some people have accumulated in a very, very, very short time here. Hopefully they level out, but the inrush of Answerbag users seems to have made lurve less of an achievement and more of a joke. Its taken me quite a while to get to my current level of lurve and it does bother me (and I doubt I’m alone) that I’ve worked at giving great answers, and writing decent questions, and that some people are coming up fast behind me just because they joined with a group of people who give lurve when they see someone they know. The first Answerbag question is a good illustration of people getting a whole lot of GAs because people know them, not because they said anything that great. The numbers will stop rising so quickly eventually and that’s a good thing, but who knows when that will happen? So yeah, I think it has gotten out of hand at this point.

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As a moderator, I can see who gives lurve. The lurve that got piled onto the ABers in the first days of the influx was more from established Flutherers than from other ABers. It was a big welcome party. I thought it was beautiful how the collective threw lurve at the refugees.

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I come from the mindset that lurve/points DOES mean something, even if it doesn’t mean the same thing to me that it does to others. It doesn’t make either side wrong. I might see some redeeming quality in an answer that somebody else doesn’t which would make my lurve seem ridiculous unless you knew the reason behind it.

I often lurve for what, to others, seems unimportant. This DOES drive up scores. When person shows mercy, kindness, patience, open-mindedness, admits a mistake, is accepting of other view points, or tries to help someone (even if they didn’t quite succeed), I lurve them. From what I have seen, that isn’t the normal practice for some, but to me, those people indeed earned it.

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@phillis Too bad, my dear friend and cousin did not merit some of the same consideration from more than one Flutherite while she was here. But what you said is very wise.

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@Fluthermucker I’m sorry that happened. I don’t know who your cousin is, but I’m sure she had nice things to offer a community. A lot of people have a hard time adjusting to change. I don’t have any problem giving people the space they need to adjust, as long as they aren’t assholes while doing it :)

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@phillis Assholery goes both ways, whether you are new or old, Some people just don’t take to new people in their community, no matter how much they profess they do, just as others do not take to being labeled a racist when they are in fact, not My friend was one of the latter.

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Lots of good opinions!

Now check this out. I’m sure JLeslie is a wonderful flutherite, but check out the amount of lurve thrown around on this page! Makes me think that pdworkin and iwamoto are right….

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@trumi Jesus Christ, I got a cavity from all that sweetness. So that’s why I can’t get any, I don’t suck up to people who have been here since 1923.

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this has been very enlightening

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All 10k threads are lurvefests. It’s just how it is.

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@trumi @Fluthermucker
Okay, those 10K parties are exceptions. Everyone throws out a ton of lurve but it doesn’t even matter after 5 GA’s anyway.

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@J0E Oh well, then that makes it all okay. I’m glad you straightened me out.

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Well, I mean, not to step on toes, but Freedom_Issues said she/he got 1300 in 11 days. Isn’t that a bit excessive? I understand the ABers thing, just as I did the AVers thing a while back, but that can’t account for it all… I think there has been a bit of a shift in the way we see lurve, you know? It’s suddenly very easy to procure, certain threads seem to give it out like candy… Does that then effect it’s value? Or, does it have any value at all anymore?’’’’

I dunno, maybe I’ve just been left behind by the changing tides.

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@trumi Here is my theory. There have been a obscene amount of 10K parties lately, much more than usual. AB’ers come in and say congrats and since they are new they get lurve for each GA. Lurve adds up pretty quickly when your new. The first 1000 is a piece of cake, but the higher it gets the harder it becomes.

Just use the site and try not to worry so much about the lurve, it all works itself out in the end.

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Also many people are on likely christmas break and have been using fluther MUCH more.

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Everyone has explained adequately why the newcomers have gotten so much lurve.

I have been on more than one website where people surpass my level very quickly. Other than being part of this large wave, I tend to progress slowly. Whether or not someone does this does not affect myself or my account whatsoever.

Yes, it can make me raise an eyebrow but that is about it. I know that others care more than I do and there is nothing wrong with that… I am just stating how I feel about this.

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I still don’t get it.

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Perhaps 20K needs to be the new 10K, as far as parties go. Lurve inflation.

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I see your point, @laureth, except . . . that would mean a second round of parties for the same group and no parties for the rest. As long as they’re around here, our shining stars are always going to be way ahead of the rest of us. They’ll be making 50k when you and I are still dragging on 30. I’d rather celebrate each of the 10k-ers as they come along because it is still an achievement, even if there are a lot of them, because for each one it’s the first time. To me it would make more sense to stop celebrating after 10 than to raise the threshold.

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I only recently made an account, though I had been observing for a while with a computer that I was unable to make an account on. I reached 1,000 lurve pretty quickly.

I think of lurve kind of like age. Not age as in how long you’ve been at Fluther. More like how much you’ve contributed to making Fluther better.

Right now, When somebody reaches 5K, it’s a minor achievement. It shows me that they’ve contributed a good amount and said some pretty smart things. It’s a nice beginning.

When somebody reaches 10K, it deserves a nice celebration. It’s their big moment. I feel that when you reach 10K, you sort of become an official jelly. You’re in the big leagues. You get recognized, people know who you are, your replies get linked to other replies that you made. It’s the Fluther rite-of-passage. You are no longer part of the background noise. You become a Fluther individual, not just one of the many who come here for a few days and ask for a bit.

In short, before you reach 5K you’re just a part of the background. When you reach 5K you’re kind of an alternate for the big jellies. You’re making yourself heard. When you reach 10K, though, that‘s your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. That’s when you’re a full-fledged member of Fluther Society.

20K is a huge achievement. 20K marks the Fluther giants. Only nine people have reached this point. And if you’ve been on Fluther for any considerable amount of time, you’ll probably know of each and every one of them.

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