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What is an acceptable amount of gifts to get your significant other?

Asked by TominLasVegas (1229points) December 24th, 2009

I got my wife 3 gifts for Christmas.3 Expensive gifts.and yet tonight while putting presents under the tree I see she got me 7 gifts.It makes me mad every year.I tell her lets take it easy on the gifts and she ends up getting me a ton of things while I get her usually like 3 or 4. Then she “jokes” about how there are only a couple of things for her. It makes me so mad I want to just take back what I got her and get her nothing. I’m an adult,I really dont NEED anything.One small gift is fine,I’m not going out and buying her 20 gifts.This has gotten out of hand.

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I think three is fine. You’re doing a good job!
Three presents and an awesome gift in bed, maybe? That will definitely make up for anything.

I’m sorry, I’m really horny at the moment.

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me too.Think I’ll go wake the wife

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Like you said you are and adult – so don’t worry about the number of gifts, and tell her , if she comments on the amount she’s getting, that your gifts were chosen very carefully and that you don’t want to get her a bunch of things just to have a pile under the tree, your gifts to her are special, they are things that made you think of her.
Three gifts is a good amount, and next year if you don’t want this to happen again, why not agree on a number of gifts for each other, or a budget – this way you’ll both have about the same.
Enjoy your Christmas!

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Obviously you two had a failure to communicate. Next year, you need to be more clear. There is no one-size-fits-all Christmas that is “correct” or “acceptable” for all people, and obviously you and your wife have different ideas. You and your wife, together need to come to a consensus about what’s acceptable, not you and a bunch of strangers.

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Gift giving isn’t supposed to be irritating or stressful, gah. Would you be up to suggesting a dollar amount cap for gifts?

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Whatever they tell you is enough.

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I think an acceptable amount of gifts to get is however many your partner wants to and can afford, to get you. Maybe her seven gifts are about the same price as your three. Is there something wrong with a loved one enjoying getting you presents? If she truly complains about how many you get her, if she’s not just teasing playfully, then yeah, talk to her. Otherwise? Dude… Let it go. She’s your wife, she loves you, and she likes getting you things. Let her shower you, in the many forms she can, while you two are still around. ‘Cause it won’t be forever. Enjoy her gifts, let her enjoy what you got her, and just enjoy each other…

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It sounds like she doesn’t think she is getting enough gifts. Instead of asking for more, she is buying you a lot of gifts to make it look like you’re not putting enough effort compared to her. That’s a pretty passive-aggressive move. You should just tell her clearly the things you wrote in your question.

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My wife and i have had this problem, since we married in 1965. after all these years together, we have finally decided that quantity is not important, its the quality that counts. here is an example: this year, 2009, for Christmas, we decided to give each other a 32” Samsung flatscreen television. we both wanted one, so this made our Christmas presents to each other fairly simple. of course there are other presents we give each other, but this year, its substantually less than last year. every couples situation is different. so far, we have had no complaints from each other. did that make any sense?

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My husband always goes all out with gifts, and I usually buy the practical and some fun stuff for him. We don’t put pressure on the other at all. We get what we get, and we’re happy. It’s not a competition with how many gifts, it’s really the thought that counts.

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Whatever strikes your fancy should be fine. There should be no limit on the presents you can get the one you love. Although to be fair This year I only gave my fiancee 3 gifts.. a pair of designer sunglasses, a nice dinner out… and inside the case for the glasses she found a boarding pass… She wanted us to spend New Year’s together (She spent Christmas with her family in Mazatlan)... so my last gift was aboarding pass for me… joining her at her family’s house.

Nothing terribly expensive or over the top… but well thought out always does the trick.

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Your wife is just TRYING to show you up and make you feel guilty ; hoping that SHE will end up with more the next year .

Gift giving is NOT about How much a gift (s) cost…. nor who gets how many… gifts are about the love and thought that goes into the selection of the gift and who it came from….

You need to get with your wife and set a limit PRIOR to Christmas for your gifts… and tell her IF she goes over that you WILL take a couple or so BACK for refunds etc….

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I think 3 more expensive gifts is equal to 7 less expensive gifts. Tell her you’re going for quality versus quantity.

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