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What do the lonely do at Christmas?

Asked by TLRobinson (2365points) December 25th, 2009 from iPhone

I want this day to quickly come to an end. What’s there to do, when you’re feeling down in the dumps?

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You can Fluther.
I’m sure you’ll be able to interact with plenty of people on here who don’t have much to do either and/or are lonely. They can keep you company.

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One year I spent all day wtching Monty Python films!

I feel lonely every Christmas even when I am surrounded by people, I feel your pain.

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For kicks, send a text or email holiday greeting to everyone on your celly/email contacts list.

Fix yourself a meal, take yourself to lunch and see a movie, alone if need be.

Change/update all your online passwords

Begin a daily calendar where you commit to write in what you eat, what you wear and 1 good thing you do or that happens that day.

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Do everything in your power to make today a great day to talk about tomorrow.

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Eat some nice food, get your washing done, housework, sort through the papers and bits and bobs that we all hord just incase we need them – but never do, divide your stuff up into stuff to chuck – give to charity – sell – keep. Basically physically keep yourself very very busy. Sorting, organising and cleaning almost always helps me to make the time pass fast and it feels pretty great to. Dont think about it as Christmas just think of it as a break from people benig in your face and a break from adverts on tv. Basically spring clean your life in peace and quiet. Be yourself you are the best at being you and you can be the person you want to be by working out what you need to be doing to become that person you know you can and want to be. If that means spring cleaning and ignoring christmas then go for it. You dont have to be happy today or eat turkey or even have a dot of tinsel in your house. Once you let yourself be yourself you will feel much better.

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In our town, a lot of those people either attend or volunteer at the “Feast of Sharing,” a Christmas dinner underwritten by a Texas food store chain that is offered for free to all comers. Typically they serve somewhere around 5000 people.

Another thing to do is to have undertaken one of the “Adopt-A-Tree” type gift lists, thus providing Christmas presents for a family that otherwise would have none. Typically the sponsoring organization has some sort of reception or party at which the gifts are distributed and the spirit of giving is in the air.

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I typed a book and it’s gone into internet land.maybe it did not like my whine. I am sorry if you do not like this day. Many of us call it duty. i love boxing day-the food is cooked.

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I know what I would do. Instead of avoiding the day and pretending like it is not Christmas day, I’d take the opportunity to give back to my community by either participating in some sort of Soup Kitchen or a Adopt a Tree as suggested by @Darwin. If you are lonely, nothing is better than some charity. You get to be around people and you still get to participate in what this day is truly about i.e. giving to others. I guarantee you’ll feel better about yourself and since you will be kept busy, the day will go by that much faster =). Regardless of what you choose to do, I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope the day isn’t all bad for you!

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You must mean what do people living alone do on Christmas, not what do the lonely do. Many people living alone are anything but lonely, and quite content to do christmas without a large gathering. It is actually quite peaceful and enjoyable to do a few Christmases alone.

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If you are feeling down or in the dumps today, I’d suggest getting out there and go visit a friend, even just go to a pub or something, Keep yourself busy, Maybe try contact someone you’ve not seen or heard from for a while or even contact someone you’ve fell out with and try make up.
If you are stuck in the house, lose your day in good movies or books. Try to remain positive and you’ll hopefully get through the day fine.
You can always take time and Fluther for most of the day too! lol
(I have a spare wee while before I go out for Xmas lunch so that’s what I’m doing!)

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@hungryhungryhortence haha now i get why people do that, next time ill say, are you lonely for christmas? you need a hug?

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Count up how many friends you have. Then add one.

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Listening to non-Christmas music, fooling around on the internet, drinking myself into oblivion. Basically doing anything to avoid reminding myself of the most depressing day of the year.

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Do not turn on the TV.

Write down a gratitude list.

Clean your bathroom.

Go see a movie.

Go for a hike/walk.


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Good idea @mcbealer . The latrine needs policing before I get shitfaced. :^)

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If I knew I’d be by myself at Christmas, I’d probably schedule some time to serve at a food kitchen.

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@robaccus love that answer…ditto that one!

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The lonely play WOrld Of Warcraft.

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I’ve been Fluthering and Answerbagging. I made my parents and one of my brothers breakfast and finished my chores from last night. That’s about all I’ve done for Christmas since I woke up. ;-) So yeah, the lonely people on Fluther can Fluther away their day. As for the other lonely people, I’m sure they’ll find something to do, even if that means having a pity party for themselves.

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I am unexpectedly alone and snowed in on Christmas! So far I have Fluthered (found some pretty interesting websites I plan to peruse (links from two Fluther questions), had some coffee, and watched World’s Strictest Parents on MTV. Later I plan to do lots of laundry, clean my bedroom, and move some furniture. As a matter of fact I think I’ll get a load started right now.

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When I feel lonely during the holiday season, I find that if I something nice for at least one other person I feel better. Of course, that works anytime.

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Go see Avatar 3-D, it will heal you

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@SuperMouse I love watching The Worlds Strictest Parents!

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Lonely ? Need something to do at Christmas and other holidays ?

Do like I do… Volunteer at the Children’s Home / Orphanages , Homeless Shelters etc… , Hospitals etc…. Nursing Homes….

You won’t be lonely and you’ll be doing a service to your fellow human beings… and will get the good KARMA from what you do .

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Treat it like any other day – it is.

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Nothing. Just be lonely. At the end of the day when you volunteer, do a nice thing, do activities to distract yourself from others you will end up feeling the same. I wish I could tell you different but loneliness is a part of life. Just pray to the Lord Jesus to help it go away. Through the healing power of His Holy Spirit can you find the true answer.

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All your answers on this page sucks.None of these things make a person feel wanted.You make a lonely person feel like misfits. These arn’t things people want to hear.I don’t have the answer,but I’am not just going to make things up.Probably the people giving these answers have good Christmas’s.They just don’t know the pain.

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