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Desigining & Coding A Blog Layout?

Asked by anon30 (334points) December 25th, 2009

First, I’m sorry. I know I asked this before, But I still Have No Idea. (Please Don’t Delete)
So I been reading tutorials on designing a blog, & I found this one, & I really want to start designing my layout & use it.

It’s a Wordpress theme, But it’s perfect, with the calender date, & the icons, then the right. (I won’t make mine exactly like it though!)
Btw; I have a Tumblr.

My first question is, what do I design In Photoshop & What’s the rest do I code?

Like The icons, I know I can’t just design it on the layout and expect it too repeat each post, I gotta code it so it does, Making the icons separately, right?
Like the footer, & the links.
Plus I read that using links, Instead of slicing images & turning them into links, my blog will do better in search engines, right?

I been researching a lot, & really want to figure this out. So please give me your best answers.

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The learning curve is so steep for this. It sounds like you are starting from scratch.

Get a book on HTML and CSS and start simple.

Here is a hint. I could do it since I know the markup in Tumblr and Wordpress pretty well. I would charge you about 1K to do it.

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+5 to JP for that comment.

@johnpowell definitely has the right idea though. With HTML and CSS you need to learn a lot of the basics before you can dive in.

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Blogs have a particulat way and style of design and coding.If you have adquate knowledge of javascript,AJAX,CSS,you are almost 50% there.Designing stuffs on ASP DOT NET 3.5 SP1 is also a better idea with SQL server 2008 as the back end,but you need to start things from scratch as microsoft doesn’t allow you to do any sort of customization.
Better you go to any site where the source code licence is free and get it downloaded after reading through all terms and conditions.If you have knowledge of Ruby language and the rails platform,you could create your own site in a day.Just dowlload the source code and customize it the way you wish.All your need for this is MySql,Sql Toad and Net Beans installed on your system.Learn a few basics about net beans from the related websites.
These stuffs are freely availabe on the net and they make every programmer’s fantasy come true.It won’t take you much time to learn it and develope blog sites.Net beans dumbs down the programming to layman’s level and any beginner could play around with it and develope amazing stuffs,but for testing,debugging and maintenance purpose,you need to be a little bit more skilled.

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@engineeristerminatorisWOLV thanks, Ill start reading that,
and it’s not like I have no idea in css, html. etc. cause been reading.

@johnpowell could you explane a little bit about the mark up?

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@johnpowell you really charge people 1k for a design blog for them???

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@BlockStar22 :: That wouldn’t include designing. Just turning a PSD file into valid HTML and CSS. I don’t design.

If I am lucky it would take 20 hours. Since people sill use IE it would probably end up taking 40 hours. I normally charge around 25 to 50 per hour.

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okay i’m gonna design my blog, & first, I don’t know
what to design. Can I design everything, the banner to the the deceptive area?

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All together

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any help??

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