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How are the malls on December 26th?

Asked by Glow (1366points) December 25th, 2009

So, I have never been to the mall on December 26th, but I want to go to buy some new years gifts. Kinda last minute idea really. I have heard they have these crazy sales to get rid of overstocked goods from christmas, but I have also heard of crowds of people returning gifts and using gifts cards, maybe. Anyone have any experience with malls on the 26th? Bad idea or okay idea? 27th or 28th probably better?

I was actually thinking of going somewhere else less crowded, if anyone has any ideas?

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Well, I’m from Canada, so I can only speak for Canada. The malls here are very busy on Boxing Day (the 26th of December here). There are plenty of sales and the malls are crowded. I personally am avoiding malls tomorrow. I’m sure they will be way too busy.

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It’s very similar to the day after Thanksgiving shopping, if you’ve been out on that day. Same thing as what @AnonymousGirl said about Canada – plenty of sales and the malls are crowded. If you don’t mind crowds and lines – go for it. I usually hit stores early for the half price Christmas stuff and go back home.

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Man, maybe I should leave it for Monday then, huh? I just don’t want to miss out on sales…. Tough decision! Going early sounds like a good idea too, I could try that :P

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They’re crowded. Very, very crowded.

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If you are looking to buy then there will be a better selection on the 26th. It’s crowded, but not unbearable.

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The malls very crowded… but the worst part of it is if you’re trying to return something. Those lines are the busiest.

The sales are great that day though.

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Great prices but lots and lots of people. Locally you can tell because our malls have all resorted to valet parking.

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I’ve heard they are a madhouse. I stay out of them if possible between mid-November and early-January. Hopefully by early January everybody is too broke to be crowding the place.

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If you’re looking for something specific, go early. I would not suggest returning anything the day after Christmas. It’s just plain hell. Those people in the lines that resemble amusement park lines for a roller coaster look absolutely miserable.

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You remember the mad last minute shopping yesterday evening? It’ll be like that but worse.

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One word: Crazy.

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They are nightmare in most areas. If it is a smaller mall or strip mall there may not be to many folk out.

Simply wait till after the new year around Feb and March is when the real deals are. That is the time when MOST STORES have their inventory. That is when they slash prices to next to nothing. Shop the Clearance Racks , that where you will find the best savings..

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Thanks everyone.

The thing is I wanted to get some gifts for new years. I won’t be returning anything, so I won’t deal with that… I am looking for one or two specific things, but I also wanted to browse, probably not a good idea huh? ^^; I’ll try and be there early as some said, and if it’s hell, I will probably leave ):

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They’re insane. Avoid them at all costs. The day after christmas is the worst day of the year, superseded only by Black Friday(the day after thanks giving). I worked mall retail for a couple of years, it’s a mad house.

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They are VERY busy around here with all the after christmas sales…. and New years Sales / Closeouts etc…

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Believe it or not…they are more busy then Tiger Woods:)

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I used to work in retail and disliked the day after Christmas far more than any that preceded it. People weren’t just bargain hunting, they wanted to negotiate, too! (Which we weren’t allowed to do.) The level of rudeness was excruciating that day.

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Have you ever gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving? Well it is like that only 10 times worse! Because people are returning their gifts and so you will be waiting in line for much longer. People tend to be a bit more grouchy about doing returns and waiting in lines. I usually wait 3–4 days before I go to retail stores to exchange or just to shop because of the crowd of people.

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Guess who is going out tomorrow…the 14 year old daughter is dragging me out!!!! Please pray for Me!!!!LOL:)

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@BanginBaxter – you will be in my most profound thoughts. I wish you godspeed and the luck of your ancestors to go with you!

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@tedibear39…Thank You!!!!!!((((HUGGS)))!!!!

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@BanginBaxter OH MY WORD! Well good luck with that! Rolling On The Floor Laughing!!! Well really it will be quality time with the daughter! Stop in the food court and have a bite to eat!

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@tedibear39 ..that’s why I am drinking tonight:)LOL:P
@NUNYA LOL:) do you type in little words…and there goes your Christmas present out the door…..kidding:):)LOL:P

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Something else to consider is that if you opt for overnight shipping, you can find what you want on the Internet and get it delivered before New Year’s Eve. It can save boot leather and your nerves.

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You use—(2 short dashes) at the beginning of the sentence and—(2 more dashes) at the end of the sentence.
Look under this box and you will see the word “WHISPER” and it shows you how to do this one and the BOLD you get BOLD but putting a * at the beginning of the word/sentence you want to be bold and then another * at the end. (* is the 8 key)

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If you are returning a gift, wait at least three days. the lines will be shorter.

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That’s sounds confusing—laugh out loud—

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