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Is there a way to connect my iphone directly to my Dreamscreen?

Asked by kayyyyleigh (404points) December 25th, 2009

i got an HP Dreamscreen 100 for Christmas, and take most of my pictures on my iPhone. the only way i know how to get them on there is to email my pictures from my iPhone to my computer then transfer it to the Dreamscreen. is there another way? can i connect my phone right to it? thanks(:

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Ghost_in_the_system's avatar scoop: showTIME Audio/Video Cable for iPod and iPhone, about $40, by Scosche

What it is: An audio/video cable with composite (RCA) jacks that connect to a standard TV input, and a universal docking adapter that connects to your iPod, iPod touch or iPhone. Once attached, you can watch videos or listen to music from your iPod or iPhone on the TV, utilizing the bigger screen and better speakers.

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