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Is there A.A. In cancun?

Asked by sriggs09 (21points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m going to cancun in a week and recently quit drinking. I think the meeting will curb my temptation. Where would I find a a.a. Meeting?

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um isnt cancun like famous for drinking alcohol? at least that is what i think of when i think of it. you are a brave soul. i would phone when i get there to make sure the info below is accurate.

Alcoholics Anonymous Cancun

All meetings are in english and located in Cancun Downtown, Avenida Nader, Plaza Centro 3rd. floor.

The easiest way to get there is to take a taxi.
Just tell the driver:

” Plaza Centro en Avenida Nader por favor”

Depending on where you stay in the Cancun Hotel zone, it should cost between US $5.00 and US $10.00 per taxi, not per person.
The other way would be to take a bus.
Take any bus which goes to Downtown, stay close to the driver and tell him you want to get off at the Civic market in Avenida Tulum. No matter where you stay in the Hotel zone, the fare is always 5 pesos per person.
Once you get off the bus you will be in the center of town and very close to the meeting. You can ask any of the vendors:
“Donde esta la Plaza Centro”
Most of these vendors speak english and can point you in the right direction.

Just wanted to let you know that I just returned from Cancun and the information you have listed for Quintana Roo area meetings is still accurate. I was able to get a flyer with updated telephone numbers. Also, I included some more details about the meeting/building/how to get there.
Friends of Bill W. English Speaking Meetings
Everyday 6:15–7:15 Open to any 12-step program For information cell: 044(998)845–0651 and 044(998)845–6226. Plaza Centro, Av. Nader, room 418 (3rd floor), Downtown, Cancun
During the week, you can enter through the front of the building. For the weekend, you need to enter from the side entrance of the building.
Take any bus from the hotel zone. We got off at the stop for Rolandi’s Italian restaurant and it is short walk around the corner to the meeting. Ask the bus driver, he will help you. The building where the meeting is houses many of the passport offices as well.—M.

CANCÚN, QR – AA English-speaking meetings at the Cancun International Group, 6:15 PM every day downtown at the Plaza Centro shopping Center, Ave. Nader, 3rd floor.

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we finally got around to finishing the website for our english speaking AA group here in Cancun, Mexico.
It would be great if you could help to get the word out for those visitors who want to come to a meeting.

Thank you very much.

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