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My protagonist in a second childhood novel will use his credit & debit card from his previous life. What happens later?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1158points) December 25th, 2009

After Anthony Michael Shultz III soul-transfers to the body of 5-year-old Tanaka Shimoya on January 1, 2005, he will still shop online.

However, there he will shop with his credit and debit card from his FIRST life. He’s had his cards long enough to memorize all 16 digits, the expiration, and the 3-digit CVV2 in the back.

Most websites ask for your billing and shipping address. His shipping address will be 1 Oakmont Terrace in Colonie, NY, but his Billing will be somewhere in Manhattan, KS.

You see, for 19 days after the car accident, Tony’s body remains in a coma while Tony lives it up in his second childhood.

I suppose what he’ll buy will be a prepaid cameraphone with the most minutes either of his cards can charge him on, because he believes he needs a cellphone no matter how old he is.

He also goes online to buy pepper spray (to deter pedophiles in his new, 3’10” body), and a 20-function Leatherman pocket knife, because he had one in his previous life so he thinks he needs one again.

1. Now, when those packages arrive a few days later, with “TANAKA SHIMOYA” on the recipient’s address field on the packaging, how will his parents respond?

2. When Tony’s twin brother, who lived with him, and obligated to open Tony’s mail while he’s incapacitated, suddenly sees a set of charges from New York, what does he do?

3. Moreover, when Tony’s body wakes up, unfortunately, he’s no longer Tony. You know who we’ll be. Tony was 20. At that point, who gets the legal authority to shut down Tony’s bank and credit card accounts, and pay for his debts?

3a. Or do the debts get forgiven under some special mental incapacitation clause?

4. What happens about the illicit charges? What happens to Tanaka when all these illicit charges get traced back to him?

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OK, I can’t be bothered to write your novel for you unless I get a decent ghost’s pay, but here is a must. The whole thing begins to unravel when investigators of thse bogus charges made to the dead man’s credit cards track the purchases down to young Tanaka and charge him with murder.

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Only 1% of identity theft cases are prosecuted. In the real world, chances are, he won’t get caught.

1. If his parents aren’t monitoring his internet activity, why would they notice or care of packages arrived in his name?

2. He wouldn’t open his mail after only 19 days, nor would any charges show up that quickly.

3. One must assume a person’s image is part of their identity. And since he’s no longer Tony, why would he even care?

I’m through answering these questions. They aren’t relevant to the story unless it’s a story about identity theft, which it’s not.

Now kindly deposit to my PayPal account for services rendered, but no stolen credit cards. Use your own.

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@ETpro Tony is in a coma and when he wakes up, the soul of the original Tanaka possesses him. Didn’t you pay attention?

Also, Fluther is a volunteer site. If I looked for people to pay to help me with this story, I’d ask at a pay venue.

@Futomara For #2, when Tony’s body wakes up, he’s no longer Tony. The transfer is permanent; it’s a switch.

Belated disclaimer to all: Fluther isn’t an advice-for-pay site. All advice given on anything, whether it be legal, medical, or literary, are freely given and freely received here.

(Wow, why do a couple of users believe that I have to pay to receive literary advice? There go a couple of Scrooges for Christmas…)

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@EgaoNoGenki – You’re funny. You don’t even know your own story. Re-read what you asked in Q.2 and my response. Now read your response to me.

So, when, and how, in the short period of 19 days did his twin brother get granted power of attorney? It’s a federal offense to open mail not addressed to you.

Geez.. My fee just doubled. Now I want to be paid in gold.

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The kid would be busted for identity theft, and Tony’s parents would have him committed to the state hospital for the insane, since any 20 yo guy who keeps insisting he’s a 5 yo kid named Tanaka is obviously off his rocker.

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@EgaoNoGenki Tell the truth, I didn’t read that far. When you lapsed into soul transfer, my eyes glazed over. But such drivel is all the rage these days, Look at the following Dan Brown has developed with fiction much more far-fetched than this. So fare the well in the writing, and Happy New Year. :-)

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@ETpro Accidents change personalities.

(A few of them do, anyway.)

I can’t think of alternatives. Tanaka needs to become a college student trapped in a 5-year-old’s body.

@Darwin Yes, (the original body of) Tony will be put in an assisted-living facility to relearn from Kindergarten onward. But when Tanaka gets discovered for Identity Theft, what’s his penalty going to be? Are 5-year-olds even prosecutable for such an act?

@Futomara I suppose that when Tony III is in a coma, and they’re uncertain when he’ll wake, that they’ll grant his twin the power of attorney within 2 weeks. And when he wakes to demonstrate that he’s no longer 20, his twin keeps it for good.

And well, if you also use Askville, I’ll transfer you the Quest Gold, if there’s such a transfer mechanism available. (Haven’t explored that yet.)

In the meantime, you’re entitled access to my Prologue and first Chapter of the story on my blogsite. That’s my Christmas gift to you. (Or Boxing Day gift, as is now the case.)

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Would the parents and brother of the original Tony, who now has power of attorney, still press charges on a 5-year-old for identity theft? Or would they settle somehow out-of-court?

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It would be up to a District Attorney whether a complaint was filed or not based on the parents (family’s) testimony. But let’s get real, what D.A. is going to prosecute a 5 year old that isn’t Chucky or Damien?

EgaNoGenki, you story has so many holes in it, are you going to title it Swiss Cheese?

I do appreciate your desire for technical correctness, but isn’t the story more important than the details?

Best of luck to you.

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