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My protagonist in a second childhood novel will use his credit & debit card from his previous life. What happens later?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1149points) December 25th, 2009

After Anthony Michael Shultz III soul-transfers to the body of 5-year-old Tanaka Shimoya on January 1, 2005, he will still shop online.

However, there he will shop with his credit and debit card from his FIRST life. He’s had his cards long enough to memorize all 16 digits, the expiration, and the 3-digit CVV2 in the back.

Most websites ask for your billing and shipping address. His shipping address will be 1 Oakmont Terrace in Colonie, NY, but his Billing will be somewhere in Manhattan, KS.

You see, for 19 days after the car accident, Tony’s body remains in a coma while Tony lives it up in his second childhood.

I suppose what he’ll buy will be a prepaid cameraphone with the most minutes either of his cards can charge him on, because he believes he needs a cellphone no matter how old he is.

He also goes online to buy pepper spray (to deter pedophiles in his new, 3’10” body), and a 20-function Leatherman pocket knife, because he had one in his previous life so he thinks he needs one again.

1. Now, when those packages arrive a few days later, with “TANAKA SHIMOYA” on the recipient’s address field on the packaging, how will his parents respond?

2. When Tony’s twin brother, who lived with him, and obligated to open Tony’s mail while he’s incapacitated, suddenly sees a set of charges from New York, what does he do?

3. Moreover, when Tony’s body wakes up, unfortunately, he’s no longer Tony. You know who we’ll be. Tony was 20. At that point, who gets the legal authority to shut down Tony’s bank and credit card accounts, and pay for his debts?

3a. Or do the debts get forgiven under some special mental incapacitation clause?

4. What happens about the illicit charges? What happens to Tanaka when all these illicit charges get traced back to him?

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