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What makes you short of being perfect?

Asked by Zackyy (265points) December 25th, 2009

Every one has heard of the saying, “nobody is perfect.” Since all of us fall short of that, what makes you imperfect?

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Addictive personality.

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The inability to continually abide in the present.

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The fact that I am short. (literally)
And I don’t like being around people that much, they get irriating. :P

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Where shall I start?....

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I am a procrastinator, and I despise household chores.
My metabolism is slower than I’d like it to be.
• • •
I could go on for days, actually; but then I start to wonder… What is perfect?
One man’s perfect is another man’s nightmare… right?

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I am far from being perfect. i know of several people that think they are perfect, but this is not the case. i have at 20 flaws and i see no changes coming in the future. the only perfect person known to man is Jesus.

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Just about everything, but I am cute and mostly lovable despite that!

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i am impatient, moody, my way or the highway goes very well with me..infact my guy even gave me a t-shirt that say,” attention: mood swing in progress” :)

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Juggling two things I want to do at once and thus jeopardising both of them by not putting enough effort into either.

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My inability to travel backwards in time.

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I am too short for my weight.

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What is perfect, anyway? Have you ever seen it? Do you know it? I sure don’t.

I would have to say I’m imperfect in just about every way, but so fucking what! I’m human and I care and I am trying my best and that’s what counts!

Hah! If only I could believe this myself!

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I’m as perfect as a perfect rose. I just have thorns (or maybe its horns) is all. So it’s not my fault if someone trys to clip me and ends up bleeding. :D
Nah, my biggest flaw is I can let my temper get the best of me sometimes.

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My penis is a tad too long.

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@Blondesjon – That’s not what she said. Ask her!

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I am incapable of performing simple math in my head.
I can’t tell right from left without thinking about it first (and even then I’m wrong half the time)
I can’t remember my own phone number.
I haven’t done a proper workout in over two years, since pregnancy replaced my abs and hips with stretch marks.
I am way over-emotional.
I have a really hard time forming emotional attachments to people. I don’t trust people, I don’t miss people when they’re gone (apart from my husband and my son), I have never actually mourned for someone after they died. I say I “miss” my father… but I’m really just pissed off that I didn’t get the chance to know him as a person.

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Too many things to list!!! I am also a tad short for my weight, @Darwin

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Let’s just say… A LOT!!!

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Everyone else in the world

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My sinful human nature which I inherited from Adam and Eve.

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I can be a total bitch, immature, negative.. I could go on and on

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millions of things


Two inches? I’m 5’10” tall, but have always wanted to be 6 feet. Sigh. Lol.

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I was so going to make a cute comment about me being short, but that’s been said too many times now for me to do it. :P But I am short. :)

I have a tendency to be impatient sometimes, and I’m quite stubborn. I’m sure there are many other things as well, but those are what I often list as my biggest flaws.

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My excessive modesty.

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I can’t seem to fin

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The fact that you’re unable to accept yourself for who you are makes you imperfect in your own eyes.

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Beliving that I’m imperfect

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Plantar’s wart on my big toe that just won’t go away. Other that that, perfect in every way:)

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Being human sure doesn’t help.

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I have buck teeth.

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