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Is it true that higher testosterone means 'higher sex drive'?

Asked by joyleebookclub (57points) December 25th, 2009

Read this from ‘insiderguidetoasianwomen’ blog & this link “”

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Well, testosterone is a major factor in sex drive (even for women, who make small amounts of it naturally). He may very well want to sleep with women (as in, think about it). Thoughts can sometimes be hard to control. (As my old grandma used to say, “When you stop looking, you’re dead.”) However, it doesn’t excuse him for actually doing it, y’know?

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Yes, testosterone can increase sex drive. However, high levels are also associated with male pattern baldness, as well as the following:

“Those with higher levels of testosterone are more inclined to smoke, drink alcohol excessively and indulge in risky behavior that leads to injury. The biggest detriment to health by far is the tendency for high testosterone men to smoke.”

However, guys with higher testosterone levels also get benefits such as protection from high blood pressure, heart attacks, frequent colds and obesity.

And a strong moral code can also counter the negative effects of high testosterone.

It isn’t all about the sex.

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Well, I’m a young man, and I’m already pretty damn hairy, so you’d expect my testosterone to be pretty high… But I feel like my sex drive is very controllable. I don’t think about sex all the time, I can turn sex down, and I can turn it off at any time. But I’m also a smoke and a drinker…

I’d say that testosterone definitely contributes to sex drive, but it’s not the only factor.

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@trumi – You won’t know for sure unless your levels are checked.


Generally yes. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for the sex drive, and that’s why men generally have higher sex drives than women, because of their testicles. Women also make testosterone (in their ovaries and adrenal cortex), but in lesser amounts( about the same amount as boys make before puberty), and they too depend on this hormone for their sex drive. Both men and women who suffer from low sex drives benefit from testosterone injections. Testosterone increases not only sexual interest and desire, but promotes male secondary characteristics too, such as muscular development, facial hair, a lower voice, and a typical male physique.

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Yes.The way haw to do that propherly is.Before you gone for it Pump your self up in Jim.You get more reasolt after that.just pump your body up

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From my experience yes… women get it later in life and men get it early… LOL… look out young men the Cougars are on the loose…

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It certainly can.

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Coincidentally, my doc told me today that mine was pretty high. Unfortunately, I take antidepressants, and they pretty much kill the sex drive.

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