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Ps3 or xbox?

Asked by Aren123 (15points) December 26th, 2009

Im living in Iran,i wanna get a game console but i don know get a ps3 or,in iran xbax360’s games are copied and very cheap but ps3’s games are original and expensive but some my friends are saying that ps3’s graphic is higher than xbox.i don know what to do??which one is better to buy??plZ help ME!!!!THX

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What kind of gamer are you? Casual, hardcore, etc…?

And what kind of games are you interested in?

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hardcor i think!!!:D games like god of war,metal gear solid,gears of war…..

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Let me rephrase that: When you play a game, do you just go through it once, enjoy it, and move on? Or do you do every last mission, find every last item, and basically don’t stop until your 110% complete?

Could you give me some more games you like? Like maybe your top 10 or so?

And another thing: do you play with friend often? Multiplayer?

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Im like second group of people, i should 110% complete the game.
1.god of war 2.metal gear solid 3.assassin creed 4.gears of war 5.giutar hero 6.splinter cell
u khow, I mostly like action games.
and im not interested in Multyplayer.

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Well I’d have to say PS3 then.

-It’s exclusives (at least in my opinion) tend to be more tedious then the 360s.
-Your top 2 are mainly Playstation exclusives.
-Everything else but Gears of War is also on the PS3
-I always found the Playstation series to be single-player focused.

I do apologize about the price though.

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maybe i’ll get a ps3
thX for Ur help Haroot ;)

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Not a problem. Enjoy.

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My step-kids XBox has “red ringed” twice, where my PS3 still hasn’t had any problems. Evidently it’s an over-heating problem that can be fixed easily if you know what you’re doing but it would still be a consideration for me.

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I love Xbox 360. People who say PS3 doesnt have problems hasnt worked with them too much. I worked at GameStop for a while and saw my share of PS3’s that have gone renegade, not as much as Xbox i will admit. As for the pros and cons its all up to what kind of gamer you are, sounds like you are interested in the big commercial hits so id go PS3. Also if you get one of those modded Xbox 360 games you need to be careful that you dont get the console banned.

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PS3 there are too many problems with the Xbox 360!

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Well, I’m glad that i have a Wii, but WANT a PS3! Xbox 360 Wastes money, it constantly breaks, so it’s either Wii, or PS3

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Between the two? Nintendo Wii.

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