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How do I take care of chilli plants from seed to fruitation?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3041points) December 26th, 2009

So, yeah, I am a complete noob when it comes to plants. I can barely keep ones that have been done for me alive. But recently my friend bought me some chilli seeds and coir pots to grow my own chilli plants (5 types of seeds including tabasco, hungarian hot wax, jalapeno, demon red, anaheim) and I would like to grow them until they actual harvest as I love chillis and would love to be able to have fresh ones.

So what are some suggestions on how to plant the seeds into the coir pots and generally taking good care of them? I have had an attempt with one of the pots but I think I may have added too much water. The instruction book (not very helpful) said they should be kept moist though, and it is what I would say moist :D. Also I had no idea how deep to bury the seeds.


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I was just given a chilli pot plant a couple of months ago from a friend, it was already established and had grown at least 15 inches. So I can’t give you much advice on the planting stage but make sure it gets plenty of sun chilli plants love the warmth and enough water but you don’t want it drowning so if you just put your finger in the soil and it’s moist not saturated then you’re watering it correctly. Mine has started to flower now it’s Summer here in Australia so it should be fruiting soon. Good luck with yours!

This website should give you some more detailed explanations of the seeding and growing process

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Here is a step-by-step care guide.

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@Marina Already googled that site. I was just wondering how do you actually start a chilli plant growing correctly from seed.

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(Try googling “chili plant.” Get rid of the extra “l.”)

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When I chop a chili I save the seeds, drop them in a pot of dirt, water them when they get dry. Tell them each day how hot and beautiful they are. Pick them, chop them up and start all over again. Change the dirt each time.

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