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Calculate the best estimate for the conductance G?

Asked by againto (7points) December 26th, 2009

A student is measuring the conductance of a component.
He measures the current in the component as I = 0.24 + 0.01 A
and the p.d. across the component as V = 5.4 + 0.1 V.

Calculate the best estimate for the conductance G

I’m not sure how you’re suppose to work this out, could you explain what they mean and how to work it out?


State an estimated value for the + uncertainty in the measurement of G.

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Could the student ask the teacher?

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Regarding this question how are you thinking of going about it?

For homework problems we do not mind offering gentle help or a point in the right direction to help you find the solution but you need to let us know what direction you are taking to attempt to solve the problem.

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Conductance is the inverse of resistance
I would calculate the resitance of the component
I assume the + 0.01 amp and +.1 V are the uncertainties?
You need to calculate at both minimum and maximum to get the uncertainty
Or look Here

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Remember that your units will be in mhos (inverse of ohms). @csimme01 reference will get you there, including the statistical analysis for the uncertainties. Remember your significant digits, where many students fall down. Just because your calculator will give a number with 12 digits it doesn’t mean they are worth a shit beyond your least certain measurement.One of the advantages of being a dinosaur who can still use a sliderule.

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