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Is there a site like this that I can talk with adults on adult issues?

Asked by familia_guy (9points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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Can you be more specific when you say “adult issues?”

This site is intended to maturely talk about just about any issue. We just ask that it be done in an appropriate way. See our guidelines for more info.

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I was under the impression that some of the members using this site were minors; I have children. So out of respect and being new to this service I ask that question.

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I feel like we’re pretty much all adults here. Unless there’s any 6 year olds that might get nightmares from scary adult talk.

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I’m not sure how to put this to you since you have kids and this might sound a bit scary, but as a teenager I feel compelled to give my input. Believe me, we hear about “adult material” (aka sex, porn, masturbating, etc.) constantly. Whether it is from peers, seeing people making out all over the halls in school, on the street, healthy talks from parents, or (and this is probably a main source for most teens) the internet.
I feel like most of the teenagers on this site (don’t think there are any kids younger than 13ish) are mature enough to handle “adult material.” Chances are many of us are sexually active too and have done just as much if not more than some adults here have.

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